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EC Trackday 25/04/2012 - Another 'My First Trackday'

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by kilo86, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. So as the title says, my first track day on Wednesday at Eastern Creek. Anyone else heading out? I'll be in the white group. Any advice from anyone? I've been all over the first track day sticky, other forums and Twist of The Wrist :demon: Starting to get pretty pumped up now

  2. Nice!!

    Let me know how it goes man, I've been craving to go for a track day... alas no money [​IMG]
  3. Mmmm... Track daze... Mmmm... :D
  4. how'd you go dude?
  5. I was put there on wednesday visiting friends and it was all happening, a bike caught on fire, then a guy loses the front in turn one just in front of us. Everyone was ok.
  6. good to hear everyone was ok. Had a few go down at Mallala too but from what I heard nothing serious, just dented bikes and dented egos.
  7. there are accidents at these courses??!
  8. can't tell if trolling or serious so I'll assume you're serious: yes, there are. Motorcycling is dangerous.

    Mostly what happens is people push a little harder on a track because there's no oncoming traffic. no potholes. no speed cameras. Sometimes pushing a little harder means we run wide, brake too long, lowside, lose the front, accellerate too hard, highside, etc. shit happens.

    the trick is to leave the ego in the shed when you're out for a ride day. that's also why they usually say no cameras, no go pros, no timing. keeps the egos in check and ride to your abilities and the conditions.

    the only reason I'm running a naked track bike is because I didn't fancy replacing fairings when I crash (not if... when). No-one plans to crash but it does happen.

    shared a shed with Paul Fitzgerald and he crashed his ZX6 at Mallala at turn 1. He's a fairly experienced racer. Someone else went down in the wet on the first lap of the first session of the day (the fastest group). I noticed someone go down in my group on session 4 when it was dry. It happens.

    you push hard, realise you're too hot, stand the bike up, enter the run off area and then do something silly like try to turn or stop. I've done it myself - you spend all day keeping the hell away from the rear brake and all of a sudden it's hard not to grab the front to slow down on the grass. next thing you're using your head to break your fall and are rolling in the mud! :D
  9. Whoops.. this was the trackday thread... Mixed it up with the stay upright one somewhere else.

    Yeah.. trackdays.. will bound to happen. Carry on :)
  10. Hey, thanks allright. It was an awesome day. I was pretty timid and mostly got overtaken but I still had a blast. Very draining..... still sore now. Learnt a lot of things :) Found the hardest thing was to be consistent (with your lines, braking, speed etc.). A huge amount of respect for racers.

    Yeah a lot happening. I only saw the one accident in my session but you really notice the silence when its all red flagged. Heard about the turn one slide.... heard he slid 400 metres :-k not sure if exaggerated. Also heard the announcer calling for some blokes wife saying he's in the ambulance. A bloke in my pits also lowsided in the yellow group.

    What group were you Vertical C? What were you riding?

    This is definitely true. I took in what everyone was saying about taking it easy especially first few laps. Even riding well within myself at times I had one compression lock on cold tyres out of the pits into turn 2, one almost front end loss on turn 2 (probably not smooth enough with the throttle](*,)) and 2 small rear slides mid corner.... All of them were probably piss small but they felt huge to me :D

    Still, had a great time. My favourite corners were turn 1 and turn 7. Loved the feeling of tipping in and holding such a high corner speed. Very unnerving at first but gradually picked my speed up. Generally just found myself trying to improve the little things each lap.

    I definitely need to increase my corner entry speed. I'd get taken by most people into the corner, but could stay with them through the corner and out of it, but entering the next corner they'd dive in pull away. Suppose it comes with confidence.

    Anyway, I'll stop crapping on but here are a few pics. I might buy one just not sure which one to get.



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  11. I was just visiting, I didn't ride. I am there on the 26th.

    We were up above the pits watching the turn one when it happened. That's a 200kmh corner. Don't think he slid 400m but it was a while.
  12. Yeah thought it was a bit exaggerated. Heard he went down the off road...... Hope his leathers held. I was hitting 230km/h at times and would say most riders are going faster than me :eek:
  13. Kilo86 sounds like you had a blast! Glad you enjoyed it.

    track day fitness is scary... I'm sore too from wednesday at Mallala, mostly in the neck (noob helmet positioning in session 1!) and also in the triceps from heavy braking. apparently it gets easier.

    still plan to to the St George 4 Hour with some friends in August at Wakefield but need to get fit first!!!
  14. Hi Kilo,

    Look up Ray Oxford on facebook. His an amuater photographer who takes photo's at EC most trackdays. He puts all his photo's up on FB.
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  15. Hey mate, thanks for the heads up :). Couldn't see any of myself but there was a few of my mate that he was happy with. Big thanks to Ray for putting them up =D>
  16. My triceps/arms are relatively ok, but my legs were well worked over. I prob wasn't braking hard enough to really work my arms and come to think of it, it's probably why I was getting taken by everyone into the corner.......8-[

    A race would be so draining mentally and phyiscally, as I said before, props to all the racers. I see why Casey has arm pump issues. Let us know how you go. I might have to give Wakefield a go :)
  17. apparently Mallala is a bugger on the upper body, but most other tracks give the legs a workout. Each track is so different though. So I'm told :)

    Definitely give wakefield a go if you can!
  18. Wakefield is a great track. Very different to EC but it gives you a good appreciation for the different style of tracks out there. WP definately makes you work hard for a fast lap!
  19. Now you know why I said "Track Daze" earlier... :D I'm glad you had fun and survived your mistakes (AKA: learning opportunities).

    You do realise, don't you, that you now have an addiction... Any biker who goes to a track day and says they're not addicted is fooling themselves! Even guys on Harleys can enjoy a track day - albeit at a slower pace than the sportbikes.

    My old viffer is far from the quickest machine out there, but I still enjoy giving it a good flogging! It's all about having fun and developing your skills. Welcome to the track-day junkie clan! :D
  20. track days and racing is more addictive than crack. I'm hopelessly hooked.

    doing Hartwell's meet at PI in June. Can't wait!