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NSW EC track days

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Jashdown, May 18, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, new poster here, I haven't been to the track in over two years so I've just got a couple of questions about the new track days at EC.

    Firstly, I'm aware the new management fit some kind of timing device to bikes now to keep track of the pace in each group (I think), and recording devices are also allowed to be used, so I was wondering if anyone has any idea what the average pace for each group is for the GP circuit. I've read a couple of threads and have seen people mention about being bumped down from yellow to white despite cutting sub 2 min laps on the GP circuit, which seems unusual to me because I'm doubtful yellow runs much quicker than 2 mins (at least it never use to).

    Secondly, what are the chances of being moved up/down groups on the day if you feel you are in the wrong group? In the past, it was relatively easy to move between red/green group because they generally weren't full, do the organisers still allow this sort of thing, or will they force me to stay in yellow group if I book into that for my first day back?

  2. No timing devices are fitted. I noticed that they send out one of their guys you will notice him in stay upright leathers to ride a few laps.

    I think he watches out for riders who are overtaking or holding people up and makes a note of their bike colour/model and they get flagged once session is over and asked to move up or down groups.

    2 mins and sub should be no problem for yellow group.

    I think I just cracked 1.58 and was pretty comfortable battling mid pack in yellow group.

    You might only get bumped down with those times if you get an unusual number of riders who are fast in yellow group and should really by in green group but that's pretty rare.
    Usually yellow is pretty chilled. White group is where the chaos is lol.
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  3. I ride in white because I love the chaos
  4. What BugzR34BugzR34 said. If your lapping at 2min or under the only reason you'll get dropped is if your slow down the straight, as POPEYEPOPEYE found out on his 250 baby blade. He got demoted even though he was keeping up with the litre bikes in the corners.
  5. Interesting. Maybe it was 2014 or something when they were trialling the timing devices in order to keep an eye on group speeds.

    I run well under 2 mins, I just used that particular number because I saw it thrown around in another thread for someone getting moved out of yellow group.

    The reason I ask is because a few years ago when I first started at the track, I dont think I would have been much quicker than 2 mins and I was lapping far quicker than the rest of the group. So it just looks to me that the pace of each group is a fair bit quicker than what it use to be.

    Any idea of average green/red group pace? What group do most of you guys sit in?
  6. I'm on average a sec or two below 2min and I'm middle of the pack in yellow. I reckon green is 5 to 8 sec faster than that. Last 2 times i was there the factory Yamaha and ducati race teams were there testing so you'd be tussling with them in red and they are stupid fast.
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  7. The only timing devices used at EC are during the Toprider Coach and Setup days held on the smaller South circuit.
  8. I cannot agree more - MENTAL.
  9. 2min is fine for yellow group, I am starting to enjoy white group. Chaos at the start but thins out lot quicker at the end!
  10. I hope you still remember you'll be giving me a tow down the straight.
  11. How many days have you boys done? What bikes are you on
  12. As long as you can keep up!
  13. 7 so far over the last 18 months since getting p's. Have had 4 different bikes though lol. First two on a ninja250, then one on a ninja 300. Had a k1 GSXR 600 which I did two on. Current bike is a 2008 GSXR 600. It's my daily/track toy. Have done two sessions on it so far, looking to do one on 5th of June with some of the guys here. Cheap supersports are best suited for track days. Would be too nervous taking an expensive bike like an MV GeorgeOGeorgeO
  14. ....I agree. taking my 'old' Duke 390 out on the 5th to follow in popeye's footsteps
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  15. Sometimes you have take a step back to leap forward lol
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  16. Haha four different bikes! Far out. My old track/race bike was a K7 GSXR 600, not a bad bike, they've just got no guts (especially in stock form) next to an R6 which is a bit disappointing! They are extremely good to learn on though, very forgiving and not overly aggressive like the R6 tends to be.

    I've been trying to find videos on youtube of the different groups but haven't really found anything decent, most seem to be of white or yellow, the only green one I found must have been a slower day, the guy was doing a lot of passing, but still lapping in the low 50's.
  17. Yeah took me while to land on a bike I liked. Also was on lams restrictions for a year. I still lust after an mt09 as a daily so I can turn my GSXR into a trackie. Might do it in 12 months or so.
    GSXR 600 is definitely a forgiving bike as I have had a few close calls but the bike looked after me :).
    Just get out there in a slower group and I am sure you will figure out what works for you. Plus if you are heaps faster then the rest than you will get a tap on your shoulder and be moved up.
  18. I reckon me and POPEYEPOPEYE is on to a good thing as well - if you see how quickly the white group thinned out - after session 4 onwards- you basically have the track to yourself.
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  19. I did a fair few track day days on my gixxer 6 k9 with pilot powers ran low 50s but ended having two major crashes back to back one got knocked out the other broke bones so going hard on road tires not a good idea. So demoted myself to a 250!
  20. Making me nervous mate. I am on a k8 which is an identical bike. Pilot powers are sketchy tyres for track day. More suited to touring. I am on battlaxs at the moment and have a set of q3s ready for next track day. I am in white group with you guys for 5th of June. I had to cancel my day and then realised I can go again and only white was available.

    So will see you guys there amongst all the newbies.