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NSW EC track day Sunday 01st March 2015

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by POPEYE, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. hey all, I will be doing this track day on my own. If anyone is about & wants to hang out on the day or just say hello, feel free to give me a shout.

  2. I will be going with my brother. In the White group with the little ninja 250. Looking forward to it :)
  3. Wish I could!!!!!

    Building house at the moment and sucking up all the spare cash.
  4. Sounds awesome, I spoke to some dudes on the gsxraus.net forum, couple dudes are keen to hit some track days there, so I will cross post.

    Hopefully I can make, will be my first trackday here :)
  5. i am renovating mine, moving one wall has turned into renovating the whole house thanks to the missus!
  6. Haha - know exactly what you mean mate!.
  7. Another awesome track day !!! not even getting released from hospital for food poisoning at 4am could stop me.

    That beamer is one hell of a bike.....think I will definitely buy the S1000R version.
  8. How about some pics ?
  9. [​IMG]
    Only got the photo of the bike I hired, apparently you have to sign up to get photos now prior to starting but I didn't bother as was not feeling well.

    At least with JPM photography you could check out previews of the photos that night.
  10. [​IMG]

    ah well can't get it too work
  11. No probs, thanks for trying.

    I need to get a 2-piece leather suit, but I cant find one that actually fits me, they all so effing tight on the thighs :/
  12. Had mine custom made through Panik Leathers. Excellent fit and quality
  13. At what expense?
  14. $950 all in but price varies on all the options you add on. More than worth it to get a comfy fit perfectly made for me. Rented one my very first track day. Rubbed in ALL the wrong places!
  15. my first 2 piece was an RST, thick heavy leather only $700 but had to spend another $200 extending the legs. Somehow my new Dainese fit perfectly, crash tested too!

    anyway http://www.ozmcleathers.com/ did the adjustments to my RST's & fixed my Dainese after I had a big crash at turn 1 at EC & ripped open the right fore arm & I think they make their own suits.

    BTW they are in Sydney not sure where you are.
  16. Sounds good thanks guys.

    Sydney CIty Motorcycles has leathers on sale at the moment, $599 for a set.