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NSW EC / SMSP Friday Sept 23rd - anyone else in?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by chilliman64, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. #1 chilliman64, Sep 18, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2016
    yesterday there were vacancies in all four groups, today yellow is gone. (Thursday 22nd has all groups showing vacancies.)

    I'm hoping to get there on Friday (looks like I'll be in white if I go).

    anyone else interested?

    Book now | Sydney Motorsport Park Ride Days
  2. It's on a weekday - some of us work you know....:mad:
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  3. some of us have a largish amount of annual leave saved also! :p
  4. Long weekend guys...booked for two whole days! :woot:
  5. Pass, I'm going to be doing some real riding for a few days afterwards ;)

    Seriously though: have a blast!
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  6. The 2nd / 3rd Oct is a long weekend?......
  7. Yep!!! Monday is even cheaper! $235
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  8. you in the wrong thread KimiKimi lol, this one is for this Friday 23rd - you have fun on 2nd & 3rd October, might see if I can swing in for one of those days also.
  9. Yep i realized that! Hence the 2 posts only!
    Tiredness is a killer!
  10. less work, more R&R for you young lady - an 80 hour working week is way too much!
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  11. well, after all the promoting and bravado on my part I have been called out as a fake and a fraudster by our very own Grandmaster (aka Andrew WestAndrew West) and rightly so!

    given that last track day I booked in and it poured I was a little more cautious preferring to wait and see what the weather did. well f*+k3n bloody *^#$*%( weather has let me down again, lucky for me I had not put down my hard earned cash this time.

    if anyone is riding tomorrow have fun and be safe!
  12. Book for the 2nd. It's going to be epic
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  13. I have just been discussing with the chillibabe and I may have the all clear subject to a late change. I see that white group still has vacancies.

    I will need to dwell on it for a few days as we are getting ready for some major reno's at home and I need to perform some demolition work...
  14. Oh come on- you owe it to yourself. At least you'll have me in the white group as well.

    You were going to spend the money on tomorrow.......

    Also , Reno can start on the 3rd on Labour Day
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  15. ok, truth is I don't want the KTM to humiliate me :facepalm:
  16. Haha nice one.

    No go along and book your slot.

    It's me, Bill, Popeye, Ilch and Greg booked in already.
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  17. Without sounding rude, can I ask you why you guys (the ones that have been more than a couple of times) still book into white? Don't you find it dangerous with all the first timers and the unpredictability? Surely yellow or even green would be a much more enjoyable alternative, even if the pace is marginally higher?
  18. I normally book yellow but decided to take my little Duke 390 last time out to focus on corner speed . Based on POPEYEPOPEYE 's experience (they moved him down to white due to his little cbr 250's speed difference to the bigger bikes-he was running good overall lap times) I booked into white last track day.

    It actually was not that bad in white. They all tended to bunch together, so once you passed the 30 odd riders in the space of 300 meters the rest of the track was clear. I once even did 3 laps on my own without seeing anyone else. I thought I had missed a flag or two!

    Glad I took the Duke. You have to be so much more precise about staying online and maintaining speed. Really enjoyed the day so booked into white again.
  19. I ended up in white cause I was going to take the 250, GeorgeO is right but I had some hairy moments people abruptly moving into my line and nearly taking us out. On the 600 on Sunday so will try get moved up.