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EC Ride Day 14th August - Anyone going?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Lob0, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.

    Just got my tax return and have booked in for my first track day :)
    Sat 14th of August, look for me on a blue and white SRAD GSX-R 750 with orange wheels.

    It's still a few weeks away I know but this gives me time to get a service, new brake pads, tidy up the fairings etc.

    Can't wait!

    Oh I selected the slow group, given that it's my first track day and all.
    Hope to see some of you guys there. Ill be sure to reply to this thread with details of how it all went. (Hopefully not with pics of a smashed up bike)
  2. Just came across this thread by accident.

    As co-incidence would have it I am also doing my first ever track day on the 14th

    I ride a 2007 GSXR600. Black on black. Come say hi !
  3. Will do, good to know I won't be the only first timer there.
  4. You wont be alone. Always a bunch of new people. Have fun.
  5. Sigh.... My first track day is on 15th August. Enjoy gents
  6. Post photos!
  7. I'll be there on the 15th too. If you're going with friends then we should organise to catch up but if you're on your own, pm me and we'll garage you with us. Not as much fun on your own especially for your first outing.

  8. me three!

    come and say g'day. Just look for a storm trooper on a BLACK/BLUE 09 R6 with 24 on it!
  9. read the "first track day tutorial" written by foghorn who is a member of the roads and trackbike club.
  10. Well, got a new front tyre yesterday along with new brake pads, oil and some strategic cable ties. All I need to do tomorrow is get fuel......and get up at 630.

    Ill try get some pics!

    Anyway else going tomorrow feel free to say hi and let me share your garage :D
  11. Scrub in that front !

    Im excited and nervous lol

    And I should be in the RATS garage :)
  12. What is this RATS garage you speak of?
  13.  Top
  14. What an awesome day :)

    Lobo- I saw you out there, came around to teh end garages where I saw your bike, to say hi, but didnt see an owner around
  15. I was probably taking a leak or getting some food hehe.

    Yes, it was an awesome day!
    Could not have asked for better weather.

    I rode in all 6 of the sessions, felt like each time out was better than the last, except perhaps the final session where I went wayyy too hot into turn 5 and got to experience what gravel is like at 80km/h. Luckily I didn't drop it, came to a stop, looked to check the coast was clear and was on my way again hehe.

    All in all it was a fantastic experience, I just checked out the photo's that JPM took on the day and there are a few good ones of me there I think I want framed :)

    Pretty much everyone I met was really nice too, ended up sharing a garage with a non netrider who was fun to hang out with and even donated some petrol to me.

    I am glad I went in the white group, some of the other groups looked REALLY quick. Having said that, doing what the speedo claimed was 265km/h I would hardly consider slow!

    Passing is something I need to have more practice in, it was a little frustrating at times being behind a 1000cc bike, having go quite slow in the corners only to get left behind in the straights, catch upto him the next corner and repeat.

    Anyone thinking about doing a track day, what everyone says is true, it is totally awesome and worth doing.
  16. Hmm just checked my phone, seems I didn't take many pictures at all. I guess I was distracted by fun.

    Oh well, something to remember for next time.
    Also.......my neck is SO sore today :(
  17. Check out www.jpmphoto.com.au as his photos are up and I'm sure I saw some of yuors whilst looking for mine.

    Just waiting for my next pay to purchase mine.

    Im also writing up a bit of a long opst for another foru about "my first track day" so I'll throw that on here too. But in the meantime heres a pic of me from the day

  18. Already seen and ordered my photos on JPM :)
    Nice shot.

    Ive been looking at the cost of leathers and also more track days hehe.
  19. that's a lotta lean for the slow group
  20. Keen to do one late next month mate?

    Azamakumar- Pic is decieving, I am definitely a slow group candidate !