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NSW EC Dates for late '16

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Lionz, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Okay, getting near that time where we start making plans..........

    Sunday July 24th: Me, Lozza, Icemaker and Popeye confirmed so far.

    August - nothing available

    Saturday Sept 03rd
    Sunday Sept 04th

    Saturday Oct 01st
    Sunday Oct 02nd

    Saturday Oct 08th
    Sunday Oct 09th

    November - crap (07th & 08th: Mon & Tues! Boooo!)

    December 18th Sun

    Philip Island, yet to be released, but Lozza and I will be travelling down for a 2 day session at the start of Jan as usual. Staying in Cowes in a unit for 3 nights. Drive down / 3 nights there / drive back. Depending on the dates we might add a night...... or two.

    If you haven't done PI before, a two day session is perfect and makes the trip worthwhile. If anyone else from NSW is keen on that, start making plans - most of us will be on leave anyway I guess.

    So, looking at firming up:

    Saturday Sept 03rd

    Saturday Oct 08th

    Sunday Dec 18th

    EOI for January PI.
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  2. I'm looking at Sunday 9th Oct. Note sure yet, will know in a few weeks time.
  3. will consult the oracle tonight and plot a course
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  4. Booked Sep 03rd, see you there if anyone is booking.
    Also doing August 11th if anyone is going, it's a Thursday though.
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  5. open to any of those dates except November - 07th & 08th: Mon & Tues! Snowies ride that week!

    250's running rough so looking at a trackie finally!
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  6. Had to have a slight change of plan.Me and Lozza confirmed for

    Sunday July 24th

    Saturday Sept 03rd

    SUNDAY October 02nd

    December the 18th already booked out in white/yellow and green!! Jeepers, that was quick. Oh well, PI for the beginning of Jan then.
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  7. I might be in sept 3rd
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  8. Well I just put a deposit on my first track bike, hopefully will have it ready in time for Sunday

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  9. Your making me jealous!
    Im keen for the 2nd Oct, will check it out and see if I can use my 'wet day' credit. Also LionzLionz I could potentially be keen PI. Keep me in the loop on that one.
  10. What and how much?
  11. Ok. Planning on the following - sitting out this weekend - Sunday's my oldest's birthday.

    Saturday 3 Sept

    Sunday 2 Oct

    Friday 9 Dec - Advanced 2 Toprider course
    Saturday 10 Dec - Toprider Coach and Setup South Circuit

    Damn I would love to do PI. Can I risk the MV? Funds for a trackie not yet available. Unless someone has one spare......
  12. Hi Guys, for the 2nd October, which group are you booked into?
  13. 2005 Yamaha r6 $3500
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  14. I am trying to use my credit then too, waiting for their call
  15. Booked in for 2nd of October
  16. Did they give you the credit?
  17. I booked 3rd of Sep with my credit. So should be doeable.
  18. So do you just contact them to re-book? How did you go about it?

    I've booked 3rd Sept in White group - planning on taking the Duke
  19. I flicked an email to them. I think you can reply to that latest email they sent us. A few days later I got a booking confirm. They didn't even reply but just booked me in the day I wanted. So write which day you are after when requesting.
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  20. I called them spoke to Paul, he booked me in no problem