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Ec 8/4/11

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ONE, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. I booked in the white group for creek anyone else booked in.
    since booking this track day ive bought a r6 track bike so will be taking that instead of my rs 125
    Should be good fun cant wait.

  2. Getting back to the original purpose of this thread (sorry to be boring), I'm going to EC on 8 April - can hardly wait :dance:. Haven't had a day at the track since November and am seriously suffering withdrawals. See you there!
  3. Good stuff rose what will you be on il keep an eye out for you.
    Getting closer cant wait.
  4. I should be pretty easy to spot - I'll be one of the usual approximately 6 girls in a sea of big hairy bikers, not that I'm complaining of course!

    I'm on a blue BMW F800 but next time (25 April) will be taking the 848 which I anticipate will be waaaaaaaaay exciting.

    R6 hey?! That will be serious fun - enjoy - and please do come and say hello. It can get very lonely out there being a girl - a lot of guys I think are shy of saying hello (or maybe they just think I'm ugly 8-[). I'm in white group too - last time I went in yellow the Rapid Bike journos were riding and scared the cr*p out of me by riding twice the speed of sound.

  5. I'll pop in and say hello
  6. I might also pop in to see all the hubbub, problem is I dont know where to go, entry, etc etc. Only going to spectate.
  7. Ohh nice 848 that should be good im doing the creek on the 26th of april so that should be good too.
    Come to think of it last time i was there, there were no feamles riding.
    Not too sure about the big hairy biker bit though.
    This will be my first outing on the r6 cant wait.
    I was reading in rapid mick withers done his first track day recently and loved it on a xj1300 or something like that and was in white group.

    lol goz was waiting for this.

    mal you go into gate 7 so not the main gate at the round about, keep going around and you will see gate 7 its in between the eastern creek raceway and eastern creek drag strip.
    give me a buzz or something when you get there.
  8. The most girls I've ever seen at one time out there was 6 - the first track day I did there were just 2 of us. And I was just kidding about the big hairy bikers - although I have shared a pit several times with fairly hairy bikers.

    Look forward to seeing you out there!


    PS Anyone know how I can put up an avatar? There doesn't seem to be an option anywhere that I can find.
  9. Cheers mate. If I dont have a job till then then ill head off to EC watch you guys ride.
  10. Nice go to your user cp and on the left theres 'edit avatar' hope this helps.

    Sounds good mal il be there all day lol you should do T.D on your rs 125
  11. Im on conservation mode ATM so only fuel for the body and bike, no mods or TD at this stage :(.

    Trent is there an ultra ultra slow group, something like walking pace? lol just kidding mate, im sure EC has petrol just in case I run out again lol.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys there.
  12. Damn why does it have to be on a weekday :( I want to see how u go on the r6.

    Have u ridden it at all? Getting used to the throttle response is going to be the hard part for you, watch those roll ons.

    Should have some forks in my cbr within a month, so hopefully I can join you soon.
  13. I can understand having your contract finish and all.

    yea slow is the white group you can go as slow as you want in this group.
    you take you own fuel can lol, believe it or not the recovery dudes at the creek pick up a lot of people that have rn out of fuel.

    Come out on the 26th.

    Na havent really rode it yet im hoping to go for a quick spin this weekend or something. Yes its going to take a bit of getting used to, im prety dure i have my throttle control worked out il find out on the 8th.

    good stuff shame bout spending all that money getting stock suspension, it could of gone towards getting your forks revalved/ rear shock.

    once you sort her out let me know and we can book a day i wouldnt mind doing wakefield park.
  14. What time? I'm comin off night shift just around the corner. Wouldn't mind comin to watch.
  15. finn im there from 7.30
  16. Cool.
    Maccas brekky before?
  17. yeah why not
  18. Cool. (Reminder placed in phone :grin: )
  19. Lol was a little joke to myself about running out of petrol and walking the bike round and round the track....i know im a bit strange like that :p.
  20. Good stuff finn so the one near blacktown workers around 7 il msg you the night before

    Dont worry mal were all strange in our own little way Lol