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Ec 6/2/11

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by UDLOSE, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. I'm booked into yellow on this day, anyone else going?

    I'll be on a black/gold d675 or a black/grey cbr600rr haven't decided yet.

  2. Well the day has finally almost arrived! Just giving a bump incase anyone is going.
  3. Im gona come down for a bit and watch like i said i would ya takin the trumpet or cbr

  4. ring me when u do, we go have some brekki at maccas
  5. Awesome :D

    Oh and I'm taking the trumpet trent.
  6. Ah nice il be taking the cage if you need me to cart any fuel or drinks etc wont be tere all day but probably till around miday or a bit after.
    Im bringing lillian too she loves the bikes.
    What time at maccas goz??
  7. What time u getting there Marty?
  8. Will also be out there on the 6th in yellow.....I'll race ya marty ;).....

    I'll be on a green ZX6 with the number 13.....
  9. That would be right, predicting showers on Sunday
  10. I don't care I have wet's \\:D/

    Will be good to see ya again Goz has been a while.....You shoulda booked in yourself mate....
  11. ye i know, im all kitted out now to, see ya sundi
  12. Thanks for the offer Trent! Andrea will be driving down so we should be alright.

    Ahhh rain that'll be right.. I'm not keen on going out in the rain again, since I'm trying to sell the bike. Last time I took it round EC in the rain I almost highsided like 5 times.

    Dave that's awesome, if I find u in the morning we'll jump in the same garage
  13. Thanks for answering my question Marty :twisted:
  14. I'm there now :p
  15. Me and trent be there soon
  16. There ya go chaps



  17. Dave, what happened to you on the 3rd run?
  18. Ended up moving up a group....Had my name down earlier in the day and got the call up just before that session....Told marty but couldn't find you to tell you to stay at 7 for the group after.....

    Sorry mate....
  19. Nice to meet you Dave. I put my name down for green and ended up doing my last session in green. I was buggered but I wanted to see what the pace was like. I'll definitely go green next time. I got passed once in green and didn't get passed in yellow all day. My Best lap time was 1:54, worst lap time of the day was my previous PB of 2:02. Im happy with my improvement.

    Thanks for the pic Goz

  20. 54's pretty solid mate - good job