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EC 12 August 2011

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by POPEYE, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. booked in for the Friday 12.august.11 EC track day....i am taking the babyblade

    anyone else wanting to go along pm me or just say hi on the day...i'll be riding down from the northern beaches
  2. Mate im booked in for the slow group on the 12th August (Friday) and 25th September (Sunday).

    The Sunday date is a new addition. I just noticed the email Eastern Creek Ride Day sent out today...................and im wrapped, Sundays is my free day :). Friday is normally work but hey got to treat yourself once in a while right?

    Ill PM you my number.
  3. when i booked they didn't have a weekend available till december!

    previously i had to wait 6 weeks for each track day on a weekend.
  4. Yeah they really should have more weekends, lucky they were able to fit one more in. Even on a Friday it should be fun, Trent is also doing the 12th so thats three of us in a garage already :).
  5. I'm doing the 12th too. I recently did a Superbike School day and took the deal with Madas for new Dunlop qualifiers and a free ride day - woohooo! I'm out to pick up the tyres next weekend - hope it's not still wet.
  6. I'll be on Annual Leave so I might come down and be pit biatch.
  7. Yes i am doing the 12th green group
  8. Will you have time to fix your bike for Marulan on the 14th 8-[
  9. How do you go about booking for Marulan Disco and how much is a ride day there? wouldnt mind trying that track one day, afterwards I could just crash at my sisters place at Canberra...................two birds with one stone \\:D/
  10. Is a private booking on the 14th....PM me or Trent for detail's ;)
  11. Looks like i didnt pay the fee to edit my bookin so im in yellow not green :(
  12. just one more sleep...some showers forecast, fingers crossed its mostly dry!:woot:
  13. was a crash fest out there today
  14. red group today was stupid they were droping like flies.
    some girls in white group doing about 20 kph in turn 1.
  15. Massive highside on turn one for one red group rider, apparently his 2 stroke engine seized on him at the worst moment. Scared the shits out of me enough to go back to the car and top up on 2 stroke oil..............................Rider was ok and was last seen kicking the shit out of his bike =D>............................The accidents did drop off at the end of the day.

    Man im still pumped......................I want to go again. Thanks to POPEYE and ONE for keeping me company. I missed out session one because of a flat battery and session two because of a blown fuse, thanks POPEYE for missing out session two and helping me out to the servo for some new fuses.
  16. hey no probs..thanks for coming, glad we sat out one session & stayed til the last session, felt like we had the whole track to ourselves. i couldn't wait & booked another day in, the only one they had available on a weekend is Saturday 3rd of Dec, but thats a while away,

    it was an awesome day, & we were so lucky with the weather which was changing by the minute!

    i saw the highside in turn 1 by the 2smoke & it was amazing the guy walked away seemingly uninjured, that guy was gunning it past all the other bikes in his group in turn 1 all day so must have been doing atleast 160kph +
  17. pay day next week im booking in for Dec 18th as well, which is a Sunday. Would have loved a 3rd Dec but Im usually pretty packed on a Saturday :(.
  18. thats such a way off, might have to give wakefield park ago in between
  19. Thats why im also booked in for 25th (Sunday) Sept..................But im also keen for a track day sometime in October and November provided its a weekend and preferably a Sunday.

    From what ive gathered, the only weekend ride days from now till the end of the year in NSW is in Marulan on the 2nd Oct (Sunday) and 6th Nov (Sunday)....................I guess ill book something for November then. Im not sure about the 2nd October date its a bit too close to EC date.

    Wakefield Park has all weekdays on the (Friday) 22nd July, (Friday) 5th August, (Wednesday) 17th August, (Friday) 16th September, (Wednesday) 21st September, (Thursday) 29th September, (Friday) 21st October, (Wednesday) 9th November, (Wednesday) 23rd November, and (Tuesday) 6th December....................

    I have no idea when the Farm has ride days, seriously they need a calendar just like all other properly ran ride days.....................

  20. September
    Saturday 18th