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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by live4themoment, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. I was just wondering if their was any netriders who had signed up with ebike insurance and how they found them? I signed up with them this morning.

  2. Sucker born every minute.

    At least Gibraltar will love you for your money injection :)
  3. my understanding

    My understanding is that it is a overseas company but the branch of ebike in Australia is covered under proper Australian law.
  4. Re: my understanding

    From their Product Disclosure ...
    Your insurance is arranged by Egroup (Australia) Insurance Services Pty Ltd, on behalf of Southern Rock Insurance Company Limited, a direct offshore foreign insurer, who is not authorised under the Insurance Act 1973 to conduct business in Australia, and therefore not subject to the provisions of the Act - which establishes a system of financial supervision of General Insurers in Australia.
    In other words, you have no protection in Australia for the financial stability of the insurance company and thus the stability and ability of them to honour your claim.

    http://www.insuremyride.com.au is where you should have spent your money, and gotten your Netrider member's discount :)
  5. I am trying to look to see if there is a cooling off period as to cancel and get money back. I think i may have got caught up in the it sounds to good mode. I suppose if i can't i am lucky i didnt pay the lump sum option and only paid $200
    And Thank god i found this
    Now that part would be covered under Australian law wouldnt it? They would have to refund money wouldnt they?
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  7. Your profile says you are over 25, so try Shannons, they did a great deal for me, much better than Insure My Ride, and they offer an agreed value which Insure My Ride don't.
  8. yeah go Shannons - competitive price, and very efficient when i had to make a claim.

    Also you don't pay any more if you pay by the month.
  9. Sorted

    I ended up cancelling the contract and the lady on the phone said that i would be recieving a cheque in up to 14 days. I just renewed my insurance from the last year which is more expensive but at least i have experience with them and they have been around for awhile.
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