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ebike insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by slinkyjo, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Does anyone here have any experience purchasing insurance from Ebike?
    I'm about to get a quote from them and just wanna make sure that they are good for it...

  2. Apparently some concerns - do a search and see what others have to say before you pay anything
  3. Read you policy wording.... Be VERY careful the policy is what you want.

    The big mystery at the moment is how this business (which doesn't have much by way of Aussie representation) is going to manage claims. Who is going to arrange/assess repairers. How are they at assessing, choose your own repairer?

    Policy changes seems to attract a $25 fee (address change, change of bank account.....ouch).

    And if you have issues, back up by regulators have their hands tied because they are totall an off shore insurer. God knows what financial back up they have to ensure they are in a position to pay their claims.

    That seems to be the summary.

    Oh - and never buy the policy on the first go. They will email you in 7 days and take 10-20% off the premium (which in itself is dodgy)
  4. I read somewhere that their definition of "theft" is a little strange
  5. The quote i got from there was $400 more than the insurance i currently have anyway!
  6. wow... Had no idea... U guys were right... seem a bit dodgy when I gave it a read. Guess its back to square one. :?

    I try some of the companies mentioned in the forum. Cheers :wink:
  7. there might be a conflict of interest cause i work an insurance company myself but i'll drop a line anyways. you have to decide for yourself what exactly you want from your onsurance company. nice and smooth claims process(hope you never go through that),extended cover on your gear, convinience, price, specific features??? think about it. i could probably name a few worth giving a shot. would be swann,aami,shannons... probably first that come up to my mind. all very reputable companies. from my point of view i'd rather spend a bit more but have that pice of mind that everything is gonna be done for me than paying cheap but in the end doing all the running aroun myself. i dunno if i can disclose who i work for and thing like that, but you could always pm me and i can explain to you what we can offer.
  8. Interesting...

    That is a good point you make... The insurance compeny really proves itself when it comes to claim time, after all that is what you pay a premium for...

    It is important to know who you are dealing with..
  9. Their site is now up & running. Looks like I'll be staying with QBE.

    With QBE I pay $260. ebike is $297. Also New England was cheaper. Around $290.
  10. $700 CHEAPER :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I have read the pds and it seems straight forward to me? What does everyone read there that seems suspect?
  11. Just don't change address or rego or name.... (It will cost $25 for each change)...

    As they have an off shore Underwriter they are not required to comply with the regulations and legislation that all of the Australian based UW companies have to meet to ensure that there is not another HIH collapse..

    Basically means hat if you have a problem with a claim the Aust regulatory bodies are powerless..

    Just stuff like that...
  12. IMR seems to be a better product.

    I'll be getting a quote the minute they launch ;)
  13. There was a reply from someone that works on ebike the other day but I can't find it even after using the search button so many times and with different keywords.

    Has it been deleted? I wanted to actually read it because I couldn't do it the day I saw the reply as I was working.


  14. Yes it was deleted.

    Their posts were very "commercial" therefore removed.
  15. Cheers Vic.

  16. I have recently bought insurance through eBike (I'm sure I have used them in the UK) but after reading this thread there are obviously some concerns.

    I have emailed them some queries and will post the reply once I have one. Certainly on the face of it some of the conditions are at best very grey and at worst seem to render the insurance pretty worthless.

    Luckily I'm still well within my 21 days so cancellation may well be on the cards.
  17. :shock:

    read it carefully, folks!

    i'd be interested to see the responses people get when you start proding.
  18. You get what you pay for.....
    I'm with NRMA and it costs me about 15% more than others, but cover is generous, and has few exclusions let alone locked garage crap between 10pm and 6am, $2k for legals that will get you the 1st appointment etc.

    Caveat Emptor!