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VIC Ebike insurance

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Siggi, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I just wonder if anyone had similar problems with Ebike insurance and what they did to resolve their problems.
    I had a fall on my bike in late December 09 and decided to put a claim in (there was no other party involved) but I was with a mate of mine on the road as it happened.
    As I stated my claim I was ask may questions but rather strange one. I answered their question (funny so they did not ask or care if I insured myself in this fall) and handed the bike into the BMW dealer South bank. The insurance than did sent an assessor and he valuated the damage. I’m fully comprehensive insured and the excess would be paid by me do to being my fault. Normally when the assessor has made their assessment the repair should have started but I was suddenly they ask for my 5 yr driver record which I provided. This drags on quiet some time and the bike still has not being repaired and I get the feeling that the insurance tries to find a reason so they don’t have to pay. What is the best thing to do to get some resolution from them or what can I do if they suddenly refuse my claim on some ridiculous grounds. I will keep you up to date let’s hope I don’t become one of these insurance victims and with their fine prints.
    Cheers more to come :-({|=

  2. I reckon they are trying to wangle out of paying you. A similar thing happened to a mate of my mine with another insurance company. They denied him the claim because he didn't disclose a few 1 demerit point offences. He would have been out of pocket for tune of the value of his bike PLUS the extensive damage he did to car he crashed into. :eek: They finally coughed up after he used the company’s internal resolution dispute process. Do Ebike have an appeals process? Ring them and find out.

    Good luck with the claim. Let us know how you get on.
  3. Call their complaints department if you don't like the way your being treated or if you have any issues.

    If things can't be resolved, go here Financial Ombudsman Service

    They deal with Insurance complaints.
  4. I know someone who had trouble getting his cash out of them, too.

    Web-based thing, low overheads, not enough staff maybe: delays and hassles are the cost to the customer offset by the cheaper premiums they can offer, I guess.

    Just keep onto them.
  5. Thank you Guys for your advice. I have learnt another lesson if you are not sure about your past infringement notices when you apply for insurance get the 5yr record straight away from Vic. Road (costs $8). That way you don’t forget anything to disclose to the insurer and they have no ground to refuse or charge you additional fees like in my case. I had to pay $ 170.- to make up for not having everything disclosed by the book. Never less they have now acknowledged my claim and authorised the repair. Let’s hope there are no other surprises on the way. Could have been worse if I think I would have had a real bad accident with costs amounting to high figures. I just wonder why they not straight away ask for this 5yr records from Vic. Road before they insure someone (I guess they want your business first and they don’t mind to have something to hold against you if things go wrong). I know I’m not an angel nor I’m a devil I’m just like thousand other bike riders out there who got caught out once in a while with less than 10km over the speed limit (even our chief commissioner has been caught out lol ). My advice for everyone is get the Vic. Records and all other claims you have done before even with the same insurance company you want to get insured with. That way you feel safe knowing you have done all by the book. If they don’t want your money they can refuse you and you go somewhere els. I let you know if there is more to come lol ](*,)
  6. You had to pay them money to overlook your breach of the duty of disclosure for an offence that wouldn't have declined you anyway?

    Dude, you got stitched up hard.
  7. Yeah, that's pretty lucky they covered you mate!
  8. Hmm I read the OP's response as being caught ONCE at under 10kmph over the limit.
    Now that I have read it again I see that this wasn't the case.

    $170 just seemed disporportionate of a premium increase for a single offence however I guess if there were multiple offences that could be excused.
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    I see everyone has a different view about it but in technical terms ISCN is right (nearly).” It also says that you have to answer honestly and anything known to you, and which a reasonable person in the circumstances would answer.” This goes on in also what you don’t have to disclose and it is interpretable in many ways. Fact is if you have answered honestly and to your best knowledge you with no intend of fraudulent intend they cannot refuse your claim. They may have the right to back charge you if this would have incurred a higher premium in the first place (which they did in my case). For me I just want my bike back and paid. I’m not interested in splitting hairs and fighting things out in court while I could ride through the mountains on my bike. I just think it would be good for the insurer to inform as they have me in the end to request the 5yr records ($8) from Vic roads upfront therefore you don’t forget what you should disclose. Of cause there are many things an insurer has to consider as well as the person who wants to be insured. The common person is not interested to do a legal exam before they taking out an insurance and as long as the person has disclosed everything to their best knowledge (no one can tell me he has forgotten about something like a criminal conviction but maybe an infringement notice 4-5yr ago) at the time I think the insurer should be considerable or ask for this 5yr records front up. I think there is also business thinking behind that at the time the insurance company wants your business. Like in most cases there is always a right and wrong on both sides. We all can improve consumer as well as insurance companies :angel:

    Thank you to all it was a very constructive thread and I think the tools of the internet is great for exchanging knowledge as well as good advise. Sorry for my shocking grammar but I sometimes change my sentence and do not read it back lol hope you still could make sense out of it.