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Ebike insurance V insuremyride

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by synrgy, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Just got a call from Ebike insurance who i got a quote off last yr for arounf $1800.

    They have just given me a full comp quote for my 06 r6 - $704 premium & $800 excess or $741 premium & $400 excess.

    This seems like a pretty damn good quote on rating 6 as ive never had insurance apart from theft insurance that is currently on my R6.

    I just did a quick comp quote with insuremyride and they want $2600!!!

    What do you think my chances are of calling insuremyride telling them i got a quote for full comp - 704$ from ebike can you match it as im already with insuremyride ?

    Im thinking of getting the guy to send me a copy of the quote from ebike.
    Has anyone used ebike ? They seem to have some good benifits, 24/7 roadside assistance 4 times a yr. $2000 rider gear & $2000 pilion cover aswell.
  2. I had a quote on my R1 from insuremyride for $350 -- ebike was over $1500 or 4 times more
  3. do either of these allow you to have mods, i remember looking at insuremyride, but before i got the the mods iwas denied due to driving history

    make sure you read the fine print!
  4. AAMI gave me a quote for 550 with mods of carbon bling braided lines full exhaust system crash knobs and that included 1000 in gear cover for my 99 R1 insured for 8 grand
  5. InsureMyRide covers up to $2,000 worth of modifications.
  6. $260 full comp if you were on rating 1 is a pretty good quote.
    In fact, that is very close to minimum premium for most companies. Whilst not trying to sow doubt I would be checking with e-bike that the premium quoted to you was correct. If so, good deal.
  7. I'm with E-bike and found them to be always helpful.

    If you go with them, just ignore the renewal notice, computer spits it out on autopilot, phone them and they'll give you a good price again.

    EG. I pay $503 for my two bikes fully comp with gear and roadside assist ('93 FZR600 and '87 FZR1000).
    The renewal form is always over $1000 (WTF?)
  8. IM rating 6, and it was $2600 from insuremyride not $260, i would of snapped that up in an instant..
  9. Insure my ride can jam it sideways, I got the best quote from Melb City Yamaha at 1320 for my R1, insuremyride was 3800 WTF?????

  10. I was referring to the e-bike quote.
    $260 would be what your premium came to if you were on a rating 1, not rating 6, with e-bike.
  11. You confused the OP and myself, OU818! He was comparing $704 with e-bike to $2k+ elsewhere. What message are you trying to get across?

    For the OP, the PDS is the thing to check to see if the $704 is good value. It might be. We've got one user who is happy with e-bike. ISCN posted an insurance thread recently listing the companies who have signed up to where an ombudsman can step in if need be. He explained the benefit of being insured with someone on that list. If that sort of thing is important to you, do a search and find if e-bike are on that list.
  12. I'm trying to get across that for the risk and the current NCB rating the premium quoted to him was very low. As I said, if this was the correct premium then the e-bike quote was a massive bargain.

    That premium for a rating 6 is the equivalent of $260 for a rating 1. Which is pretty low, all other factors considered.
  13. do you get to choose your own repairer with either of these companies?
    Or do you have to use their crash repair centres?
  14. I found that Shannon's was the cheapest on my 08 Rocket3.........$ 407.00 ..on $29000.00....$400 excess.

    Do your home work and get quotes from all insures

  15. I had a $4500 dollar off... Insured with Insure my ride, they asked me where I wanted to get it fixed.....sent bike in, their assessor agreed on the repair....after I had the bike back a week or so, Insure my ride rang me up to make sure I was happy with the repairs... Can't ask for more than that.

    Just my experience.

  16. That was your analogy. I follow you now. Looking at it that way, I'd be looking for a catch with a low quote. Sometimes it is legitimate though. I had one 'low' quote from Allianz when I bought a new car in 2002. The teller making the cheque for me asked whether I had insurance lined up (and I did) then asked if I was interested in hearing from their lot. I figured it couldn't hurt. They were 10% less than who I went with and I figured Allianz were on a marketing/business drive. The next year, Allianz quoted me 25% more than what I was paying. I wonder if they would have remained comparatively lower if I went with them in the first place? I'll never know.
  17. OK so i decided to do another quote online with ebike.

    Its now down to $618 full comp, my choice of repairer, gear insurance, bike salvage 4x per year - Excess of $500. Insured value of 11500 for '06 R6 - less than 1 yr on full license.

    Im not sure whats going on here, i still have rating 6. It just seems way too low. Im paying more than this for just theft insurance at insuremyride.

    I tried to get them to match but they wont budge. I will have to cancel with them & start with ebike.
  18. I can concur. I just went and ran a quote through the ebike website for an 06 R6 in metro Sydney (not sure where you live Synrgy so I went with my details in a random postcode) and got just over $702 for rating 6.

    I then got $702 for rating 1, 3 and 4.
  19. Well Mabee try Shannons Insurance..Full Comprehensive! Agreed value! & suits me at $37mth..for $15Grand..Had Car run into me & No Problems re phoning Shannons on a Public Holiday..At least a Rep will answer phone. Im in Queensland Australia.