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Ebike insurance - Anyone delt with Ebike insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Fangio, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. I'm currently paying $2000 insurance for my 2008 GSXR 1000 with RACV and ebike have quoted me online $900. Is it too good to be true???

  2. well ecar got my business for the cage. QBE were still better for the bike when I factored in riding gear coverage. I guess only time will tell how they perform if I need a pay out...
  3. As I stated in the other ebike thread (the one directly under this one), I have a sneaky suspicion that the ebike online quote engine isn't working. Changing your rating bears no change to the quoted premium.
  4. If you look on their website it states if you join they give you a rating 1 for life so maybe thats why its happening, everyone is getting quoted for a rating 1 ? Could be, im not 100% sure though

  5. Risky move for them if that's the case.
    Still, in no way am I trying to discourage people from going with e-bike. It just makes me wonder what their strategy is.
  6. That's... er... brave!
  7. I'm into my fourth year with them, they seem ok, ring them for a quote though.
    the online quote thingy is all over the place.
    Give them your $900 quote number and ask if they can do better.

    24hour roadside assist is included in mine

    Oh, I haven't claimed so I cant tell you what they are like then.
  8. I have claimed with E bike and it was not that an unpleasant experiance.For multiple bikes they can't be beaten,riding gear up to two thousand is covered,unlimited k's and as doug said roadside assist as well.
  9. Just got an online quote for $2500, double my current premium with QBE.
  10. Yep, read above..........
  11. Is it worth calling when I'm not even going to think about it unless they reduce it to less than half?

    FWIW InsureMyRide online was $1300.
  12. Well my partner has insurance with his Kawasaki ZX12R with ebike and they were the cheapest but had gradually gone up (has had 1 claim), his premium was $512.65 and has gone up to a whoppin $619.60. So I asked them why and they just rambled on about the claim payouts and fire and floods and then said they were just as competitive as the other companies blah blah and now they can give it to him for $512.65 what he was paying last year, but just did a quote on Insure My Ride and they came in at $417.45. So what companies playing games now hey?