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ebc src kevlar clutch kit anybody used these

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by worked954, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. hey has anyone used one of the ebc Kevlar clutch kit i have just got one from the states i understand they r a step up from standard cork and come with hd springs funny enough cheaper delivered than just buying oem i hear they bite or grab a bit harder can anyone tell me there experience also the one with a larger inner diameter does that one go on first also went to Honda today to ask about a clutch cover gasket young lady couldn't find it on her computer rang Honda Australia to be told there isn't one and never was just use silicone gasket wow saved me some bucks

  2. There is a company in OZ that will reline your std warn out plates with Kevlar,they used to advitise in the mags.I have a set in my Laverda,Redax Laverda who do engine work do an exchange system for Laverdas.I cannot remember where they are but you send your old plates off and they come back relined a while later They work really well,no slip even with a lot more power sent through them,Banging off the lights became one hell of a lot of fun.
    Googled it,the place is called Mr Clutch
  3. thx but i already got em as i said cost me 100 aussie with hd clutch spring but you reckon better bite hey should be fun
  4. It doesn't seem to matter if you slip it or bang it hard,thats in my bike.It just drives HARD.Great improvement,let us know how yours goes.
  5. as soon as i get oil next week ill do it cant wait