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Ebay Textile Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by hayesb_96, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Has anybody tried/owned these pants? They look almost exactly the same as Dririder Blizzard 2 pants but at half the price. In the reviews on the page someone even mentions that similarity. I'm tempted but if I get the sizing wrong or don't like them it's going to cost me $40 to return and get a new pair in shipping back to Sydney.

  2. are you in Springwood ie blue mtns?

    website says:
    Local Pick up is also avaialble by Appointment if you want to try your size before buying it

    (their typo not mine :p )
  3. Yeah Springwood, Blue Mountains. But I'm pretty sure they are based in Campbellfield near Melbourne (not too local for me) :/
  4. ohhh - sorry - original post said 'shipping back to sydney' - yeah melb is a bit far hehe :p
  5. I have a pair that I use for commuting. Pretty warm for summer but great in winter. I got size 38 to go over my office pants - I usually take 34-36, so the sizing seems to be spot on. Has velcro adjusters on the waistband.
  6. Sorry, I meant shipping back to Melbourne and then them shipping back to Sydney (Blue Mountains).

    Thanks! How's the quality on them?
  7. I literally just bought a pair of these last night off fleabay.

    Will let you know how they go.

    I've been using Bullet kevlar jeans over my business pants over a pair of long john (merino from Aldi) and I've been 100% fine with winter so far. I bought these more for wet weather riding as the jeans are ok in slight rain, but in a downpour not so much.
  8. The specs look good, so if they are as good as the specs are, well they should be OK, but I query the odd comment they make:

    100% Australian owned and operated business
    Wholesale price Direct from the manufacturer..

    They are implying they are 100% Aust owned (probably correct) and that you are buying direct from the manufacturer. I may be wrong, but I very much doubt they manufacture them in Australia! Statements like that make me question their other claims.
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  9. Ah great! I'm thinking about just buying them, I'm just hoping they fit nicely and the armour sits in the right places.

    Yeah I thought the same thing! But they've got 100% positive feedback on eBay since 2013 - not bad.
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  12. oops. think you are right. had a look at the specs for mine and they seem to only have 1000D on the knees and seat.
  13. Yeah the Dririder's for example are 600D with 1000D reinforcement panels. These eBay ones say 600D with Hip Matt Cordura Panel - which I can only assume is a similar thing - albeit probably not as good.
  14. 1240D actually
  15. I absolutely agree. A common claim is "Designed in Australia" when all they do is buy apparel from companies in Pakistan and China that they've found on alibaba.com.
  16. Just got word that I received mine from the courier this morning. Given it possess win rain on the way to work I could have really used them.

    Will right up a little review tonight.
  17. Ok, so I had to come home early to look after a sick child. Had a chance to suss out the pants, but haven't worn in the rain yet.

    They seem pretty good to me at first glance. The material looks strong, zippers feel firm and reliable etc. I got a size 34 in these. I usually wear a 32/33 pant with regular leg. These are a bit tighter than my 'over' kevlar jeans but still fit over my work clothes no problems and there is plenty of adjustment on the pants themselves.

    As per any of the brand name pants I've tried on similar to these, the armour feels too low in the knees and the hip. I guess it must feel right when you're in riding position.

    Overall, they seem solid, look warm and if waterproof will fit the bill perfectly. And at the price, if they last for a single season then I've got my money's worth.
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  18. Thanks for the review will look ata set myself.
  19. Ok, so maiden voyage completed. It rained but only slightly so no great challenge in keeping the water out, but it did keep me dry.

    The protection as thought, came up to my knees as I jumped on the bike so all good there.

    Unfortunately popped a button on the pants, so quality could be questionable. That said I crimped it back on no worries in about 2 min.

    Very warm, warmer than my Kevlar jeans. Harder to pack into a bag though if you need to do that.
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  20. Thanks for the feedback. I've been looking for a cheapish pair of these. Getting a bit cool in jeans now.