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ebay steering dampers

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by davey_charlie, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. im looking into getting a steering damper for my cbr 929 because im a little paranoid about getting into a tank slapper.
    bike shops i usually see them for the $200+ mark.

    jumped on ebay and found these two i like the look of, has anyone had any experience with the ebay ones? anyone know what fitment and adjustment is like?


  2. Personally I wouldn't trust them..

    My 929 came with a hyperpro damper (800 new at the time) when I bought it. I took it off and sold it to put the money towards suspension work.

    Headshake is now minimal until you're going for it over rough surface, uphill, on the gas.

    If you get one, dont buy a knockoff ebay item, buy something you can trust not to cause problems.
  3. Just because a physical shop sells an item at a high price doesn't guarantee you of receiving an item of high quality and hassle free.

    However, one look at those particular Ebay dampners screams shitty materials and likely translates to poor design and workmanship. For $60 you couldn't pay a skilled person to assemble them...
  4. They should be fine. Steering dampers aren't technical. it is just a Rod, through oil, with something to "grab" the oil on the way through (sorry i dont know the technical name for these) The biggest thing you would need to worry about is it leaking oil if the gaskets are crappy. For $60, you cant really go that wrong, and is about what something like that would cost
  5. ...for $60 you could end up with a seal that pops out and jams the dampener. Would this then jam your stearing?
  6. i wouldnt trust those dampners as far as i could throw them.

    no dice. questionable quality and really arent needed on the street.
  7. Even cheaper steering dampener:

  8. They look dodgy to me. Steer clear of them if Iwere you.
    I have never had any tank slapper issues with my 929 Blade.
  9. Mate, just think of it this way.. The $500 steering dampers made by Scotts or GPR isn't because of a cheapo $30 steering damper with the brand name wacked on it, its $500 because its a quality steering damper that you can trust.

    Imagine your cheap damper locking up and sending you sliding down the road, personally I wouldn't trust it.

    I've been looking at them too, price tag looked unreal but a quick search on google with "7 steps steering damper" came back with alot of negative responses..