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Ebay seller of jackets- legit or fake goods?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by rabbit, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. I bought a mesh jacket from ebay seller (supposedly an Australian seller) but the jacket was shipped from china, and had "sample" written on the paperwork.

    Fair enough that the "sample" may be to bypass customs, but I'm now concerned that it may be a fake jacket. It has all the labelling and looks ok, but I just don't know. It does have CE armour. (I haven't worked out how it goes in yet)

    When asked, the seller said that it was legit, and did offer a refund. (dunno if I'd actually get my money back tho)

    Seller is still selling various brand name motorbike gear on ebay. (98.6% positive feedback)

    Only reason I bought it from ebay was because I hadn't seen any in the local stores.

    PM me if you want to know the seller name (figured mods wouldn't be happy if I posted it)
  2. It's not the seller name that's relevant, it's the brand and model of the jacket. You say you hadn't seen 'it' in any local stores; what about it made it so important that you risked your hard-earned on something you hadn't tried on, seen, touched, felt, smelt or checked out for yourself, personally? I'm finding it hard to be compassionate; I think you have got pretty much what you should have expected to have got, which is ripped off.....
  3. Its a legit brand - just haven't been able to find it in the 6 or so stores in Melbourne that I looked at. Its readily available in heaps of US bike apparel shops that offer online shopping.

    The manufacturer has a website with catalogs etc. but only lists US phone numbers for contact (no email or contact forms) power-trip.com

    I guess I stupidly assumed that it was a motorbike apparel store in sydney that sold via ebay. (there are some local stores in melb that list their stuff on ebay)
  4. And it wasn't that much cheaper than the US prices either. At a US online shop its $179 US dollars = $200 AUD. I paid $175 AUD + postage for the item.

    Figured it would be better to buy from an Aus seller than US. :roll:

    What bothers me is that if it is fake, all these other people are unfortunately getting fakes too. And they sell other brands of jacket like Icon, Shift, fox, Joe rocket etc
  5. Past the link.

    no sweat with showing ebay sellers on here.

    We only remove links that promote your "for sale" item on ebay.

    The jacket may be legit and the seller may have a deal with a store that sells for less.

    Have you tried emailing the manufacturer to ask them how to best identify a fake jacket?
  6. Next time you Ebay, try to stick with sellers who let you pay via PayPal - they are normally spot-on with their descriptions, and you get buyer protection if it's not what you thought it was.

    PS - Postage from US for a jacket can be in excess of $AU100!!!!
  7. Remember that most brands, including the big ones like Alpinestars and Dainese, and most 'Australian' ones like Dri-rider or R-Jays all contract out the actual manufacture to slave labour in places like China. So it is entirely possible for your jacket to be shipped from China yet be completely authentic - it just came directly from the factory (possibly after walking out the back door) rather than through the official distribution channel.
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  9. Could just be like suggested above.. sending directly from the factory could be saving the seller a few bucks (no double handling, no storage issues etc).

    I bought a jacket off a bloke in Singapore, it's a legit brand, but a style that won't be seen in Australia. I probably won't do it again (because next one I want to support Aussie owned, Aussie made), but for something that I wanted quickly & that looked good & was relatively cheap... well you get what you pay for.. eh?
  10. Eye'ing this thread, I've been looking at that seller (and another who has similar stock at similar prices), thinking of getting a new jacket for the missus. She currently wears my old Dririder, and it's hardly flattering...

    $125 for a Joe Rocket Lotus is hard to go past if it's legit!
  11. Ah, good link vic, thanks for posting that.
  12. They [toolhaus] have a firefox plugin. You simply install it and then right click on any ebay username and it pulls up all the negs ;)
  13. I'd say it was marked "sample" to get past customs, usually when coming from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc. They mark it as gift or sample to get through customs.
    Quality of the jacket could be another thing, it could be genuine, but if it was it would be 'HOT' goods.
  14. [/quote]$125 for a Joe Rocket Lotus is hard to go past if it's legit!
  15. Carolf_au: Yes, the photos do look legit... I just need to make sure I get the sizing right! I would have thought she would be an XS (she's a size 6-8 in casual clothes depending on brand), but measuring her up the other day it looks more like she's a size S...
  16. Better off getting the one size up from what she measures - think that she may wear a thicker shirt or jumper under the jacket in winter, bit more air-flow in summer. And if some strange lady in glasses accosts you when you get off the bike to look at the jacket - that'll be ME!!!
  17. Haha, well that's true - except big jackets aren't very flattering, and that's half the reason why I want to get her a jacket. She's very umm... "fashion conscious". And that's her #1 reason for being reluctant to jump on the bike to go anywhere anyone would see her :(

    She's even half suggested (I wonder if she's serious?!?) that if she had a nice set of gear, she might even think about learning to ride!
  18. Take her down to the new Yamaha shop at Bundamba - looks like they have a decent range. And if she's really fashion conscious, tell her to squat down and make sure she doesn't get Plumbers Crack - My fashion conscious big sister forgot that, and Mum got a BOOOOTIFUL photo of her!!
  19. Been to Topgun, they only have 2 or 3 Ixon womens jackets (not really a fan of the Dririder range). Maybe might have a quick look in Noyes, although I don't know if I'd want to order anything from them - I've had my boots on order for 2 weeks now! If they can't get them in by this weekend I'm going to demand my deposit back and take my business elsewhere...