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eBay race fairings?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mr_sikma, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Looking at getting some race fairings on a bit of a tight ass budget and came across some on eBay!

    The bike is an 07 GSXR600.

    The seller is pjc6363 and has race fairings as well as a lot of aftermarket street plastics?

    Any feedback would be great!

  2. All I can say is be careful... I've only bought 2 aftermarket fairing pieces (racetail and front guard) off ebay, both from sellers with glowing feedback - but neither was even close to being a good fit for the bike, even with the help of a dremel :(
  3. Alot of the stuff is from china and poorly made,mismatch different couloring etc,try Oz motorcycle fairings they have good feedback.
  4. You may find that any white will soon yellow. I don't think the clear is UV rated.
  5. +1 be carefull.. Usually race fairings take a couple of go's to get right, and an ebay seller aint going to give you the changes you need.

    I puchased mine locally, found my exhaust hung lower than normal below the sump, and had to have the belly pan deepened. It was done free of charge and in a timely manner.

    Make sure they will meet GCR's before purchase, for 2012 they need to hold 4L in the belly if your engine lets go, the also need 2 x drain holes if a wet track is declared.

    Chinese ones have a tendancy to get lost in transit, melt or discolor..
  6. Any updates... I'm in the same vote as you, except 08 750.

    Let me know where you get your fairings from and i'll copy :angel:
  7. pm sent.
  8. Guys,

    I have a set of china race fairings I can sell on the cheap cheap.

    They came off my 2008 GSXR600. Likely to fit other year models/capacity sizes.

    White/Blue colour scheme. I didn't keep them on bike because they are more 'track/spare' fairings than they are outright race fairings due to not having a regulation belly pan - it's a road style belly pan and the rear fairing is a little odd in that the cut outs for the rear brakes are there - but not on the front.

    These could work well as a road set if you also wanted to fit different style lights in there.
    They're in good condition, no crashing or even use - seller put them on brand new to sell bike, I removed them immediately and installed Racers Edge fibreglass fairings.

    This is the colour scheme:


    Cheap because I don't think I'll ever use them and just want them gone. I may be able to assist with delivery as I'll be at WP 3-4-5 August and then EC 7 August.
    Edit: Does not include the tank cover - I can include a front guard if required. There are no lights fitted, just the fairings/panels.

    $150 (+ you pay postage costs if required) and they're sold as is to first PM.
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  9. Thanks for the offer j-rad but I'm going to decline. I've got insurance for the road so I'm safe there, and i prefer race fairings for the track for the 'just in case i smash all my lights' etc.. If they were black it would be a no brainier though ;)
  10. No worries, offer stands for anyone else.
    These won't make great road fairings, really just track fairings.

    Good luck with it!