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eBay page on Netrider

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, May 4, 2005.

  1. Some of the astute amongst you will have noticed the new 'eBay Auctions' entry on the left hand navigation page. This is a special Netrider and eBay partnership page that has a summary lists of the top 50 motorcycling items on eBay Australia that are soon to finish and have just hours until bidding closes.

    An excellent and compact resource to visit once or twice a day to see what motorcycling bargain you may be able to pickup :D :D

    Using this page to register as a new active eBay user (register and place a bid or make a purchase within 30 days of registration) or placing a bid or making a purchase if you are already an eBay user helps Netrider earn some helpful coinage every few months :D So visit the page regularly and feel free to click off to eBay from the Netrider page whenever you want to bid on an item in the list, or become a new eBay user.
  3. Far too much negativity Dave.

    You can always PM me with your issues or just stop posting all together.
  4. Good stuff guys!

    Any word on the road-side bike care plan? I'm going to sign with Honda soon otherwise.
  5. Great idea, I noticed it and if it helps netrider going to ebay via netrider site I will be deleting my bookmark and use the link here.

    Why only the last 50? Can you bring in say 3 pages = 150 Just wondering about the qty.
  6. If it helps to pay the bills... I'll use that link.

    I don't tend to look for bike bits on ebay, but it's only one more click to my usual saved searches.

  7. This will encourage more bidders which jacks the prices/bids up.

    Great for sellers but not good for us buyers
  8. Using that logic, you better stop riding, hell lets shut the website down because it encourages more people to ride, which in turn causes more accidents which in turn causes higher TAC premiums, good for the Government not good for the public.

    With more users I could see more items on there, more items would mean lower prices.

  9. Take a chill pill Vic, It's frustrating I know but you can only please some of the people some of the time etc etc etc You can only keep on trying eh?

    I appreciate your efforts, so do most here I reckon, keep it up.

  10. Trust me iff, im not stressed, far from it.

    Just pointing out some odd logic.
  11. Ebay is more expensive compared to what it used to be.. but then also there is alot more things to buy also :wink:

    like... people selling a toliet paper square and good things like that
  12. Like every thing in life ,its another option.

    I think its a great peice of "value added" and appreciate what the administrators have done for us.Don't get upset, and don't upset Vic!
    Moreover don't post a negative opinion.What's the point?

    If you don't like it guys ....try sex and travel....
    and just f... off!
  13. Nice work Jase, is that a free service that ebay offers or is it a clever bit of coding?
  14. Vic are you buying your next bike off ebay?
  15. Especially don't piss Vic off! Take it from one who knows! Be afraid, be very afraid!
  16. Hmmm - just discovered those eBay links won't work for me, as they're forwarded via an ad server (qksrv.net) and my ad blocking software just removes access to it.

    Ah well, at least I can use it to browse, then go via eBay search to find something. :p
  17. Im not sure if this is doing anything bad for netrider like if you guys get money from the links people click on.

    Tenoq - When you find something of interest click on the link then when it loads it wont display anything, click on the address line and delete the http://www.qksrv.net/click-1703366-9254940?loc= part of the address. then click enter should work!!!!
  18. Yeah, thanks eXume - tried that after I posted. I think the forwarder is how Netrider gets money tho, so I think either way it's still the same result. :(

    Ah well.

    Like the sig mate - my human girlfriend would identify with that!
  19. Your girlfriend is a ninja!?
    I'll be alot more careful when i speak to her now.

    Hmm.. when you said you were gonna let me take your Ninja for a spin to 'test the gearbox'... now i'm confused. ;)
  20. Bahahahaha. If she EVER reads that you're dead. You know that, don't u?

    Feel like swapping 'bikes' do ya? :p

    Hmm. Now we're both dead. :LOL: