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eBay motorcycle carrier

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by GixaJace, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Anyone have any experience with the carriers u stick on your towbar & carry bikes sideways. Anybody know the legalities of them all?

  2. Motorcycle or treadly?
  3. You've put "eBay" in the thread title; can you post a link to the product you're asking about?
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  5. yikes, I wouldn't put the VFR on one of them....
    Yikes, I wouldn't put the VFR on one of them....
  6. My old man used one for a minibike for years and was only ever questioned by the local cop over the security of his straps.
    I've also seen them used for light dirt bikes, but never for full size road bikes.

    You'd want to get the engineering right for something heavy.
  7. I'm no engineer, but I seem to remember that the downward weight/force doable on a towbar is a LOT less that the weight you can actually tow normally.

    This would put practically all the weight straight down.
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  8. You may not be an engineer but you have commonsense :finger:

    I'm no engineer either but I'll have a crack at roughly calculating the downward Force that a 200kg bike would create.

    Let's say there are 2 fixing points on the vehicle sub-frame 200mm apart (common for a regular towbar). Then let's assume it's 800mm from the rear fixing point (the Fulcrum) to the centre of the bike platform. That's a ratio of 4:1 and means your 200kg bike is going to have an upward Force at the front attachment point on the sub-frame of 800kg. This assumes of course that the bolts on the sub-frame are loose for the full Fulcrum effect to take place.
    If the bolts are thick enough and sufficiently tensioned the downward Force of the bike would, in my possibly incorrect estimation, become 720kg and that load would be transferred to the next Fulcrum which is the back wheels, which would be further forward again and thus increasing the effective downward Force of the bike even more.
    You would need some good quality adjustable rear shocks to offset the rear suspension sag but the front of the vehicle could feel very light indeed if it's a small FWD or similar.

    I'm happy for someone to sort the above if my assumptions are wrong.
  9. on most cars you'd likely exceed your maximum allowable rear axle load. I'd be happy fitting one of these a an RV or a transit van rated for the load, but not a sedan.

    much better to trailer it.

    even better still to ride it where you want to go :)
  10. Your average car tow pack allows a towball downforce of 75-100kg.

    Some 4WDs and commercials that are suited for towing allow 200kg (depending on the GCM).

    I wouldn't want a 150kg+ dirt bike, plus it's dynamic loads hanging off a towball.
  11. I haven't worked out how to post the link yet but the one I'm specifically talking about has the orange rail. Made I Queensland. I wouldn't put the gixxer on it maybe a DRZ. Does something like that need ADR? & if it hangs out wider then your car is that legal? Some I've asked say it's no different to towing a caravan. But what u guys are saying is something I haven't heard yet but prob agree with the weight bearing
  12. Here is one designed for Road Bikes, you would still need a vehicle that has an approved ball weight to take the load, generally you should be right with most 4x4's.
    I have Land Cruiser which can tow 3500kg and has a ball weigh of 750kg.

    The one thing I would be checking before using one of these is insurance, if the bike does come off the carrier is it still insured by your insurance company??
    If something did go wrong would it be covered by the Cars insurance (is the bike rack deemed a trailer?) or the Bikes insurance? :unsure:

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    That's the EXACT question I asked a mate who just ordered 1. He hasnt received it yet but doesn't know. A dirt bike can be repaired pretty easy. No-one insures a rec reg bike. But, what if it comes off the car & damages something? Ur car insurance would cover it, no?
    & he's towing it with a Ve sv6 wagon. I asked what about shockers & he says it's fine with a caravan.
    I have a 4x4 and my tires aren't even allowed to exceed my guards. So what about a 200mm of motorbike
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    Hey I just watched that video u posted. That thing is the bees nuts! U could road or trail on that.