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eBay levers???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mr_sikma, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Can anyone recommend any brands or sellers on eBay for the cheaper sports levers?

    Looking to change mine on a Z1000 but there's heaps to choose from!

  2. Dunno the seller of mine but they were red and black and about $100. When I got them I had to modify them slightly to fit and then after about 4 months the red started to fade to pink so I took them off.

    Have a look at some reputable lever brands like rizoma and ASV, not sure who else does them but there would be a decent set for maybe $50 more than ebay levers.
  3. Not sure on the seller, but I got some black ones with red adjusters for my Hyosung. They are good, fit right up and Havnt faded in a year. However a mate liked how mine looked so bought them from same seller and bus red adjusters have turned pink in 6 months. Bit hit and miss but for $45 delivered they're good value
  4. I guess like anything, there are good ones and bad ones out there.

    Do some googling before handing over your hard-earned, there are plenty of stories in the forums where guys are blaming cheap levers for crashes. Plenty of people using them with no problems too.... Just saying...

    I'm not going to recommend for or against anything, but would suggest you look for a brand/seller that has a good reputation, just in case :)
  5. CRG leavers are also nice. I have black with black adjusters..$120 each

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  6. I agree with Snowman. You should have a look a some good lever brands.
    I know Rizoma and Barracuda, both are really good brands but Barracuda is slightly cheaper.
  7. Don't go with cheap shit, go with a name you know.

    There's stories of front brakes jamming on at random etc (maybe started by asv, pazzo etc)
  8. Bought these from Screaming Demon in W.A. last week.......look good, fit well, see how long they last I s'pose.........

  9. I bought mine from http://stores.ebay.com.au/thefastwheelspartsstore from a recommendation by my mechanic who has them on their GSXR and RS4 for a few years with no problems. Mine took about 10 days to arrive as requested. Fitted easy enough and comments were made they look like pezzo copies.

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  10. Rogues - how much?
  11. $90 delivered mate.... in Aus
  12. Don't know. They have different levers for different bikes.
    Email them to find out
  13. Look identical to mine,,,,$44.49 (including delivery)
  14. The US$ went in my favour thus the cheaper price :p
  15. the2wheel.com is where I buy my levers for my road and track bike. Just brought 2 sets or track bike for $68aud delivered.
  16. Same here!

    Just saw $38.97!!
    I went for the longs. (more leverage!!)

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