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ebay levers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by RJ45, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. I am after some levers, was wondering if people had experiences with ebay levers? the ones from Hong Kong.

    I've seen the oem equivalent and also the pazzo knock offs.

    wondering if they are any good? or should i bit the bullet and buy a set of pazzos?

  2. Post a link to the levers you're thinking of getting. I'm looking into getting cheap levers off eBay. For $50 set you can't lose. There's mixed opinions on them. You be the judge.
  3. I've got a pair of the black shorty CNC fleabay $50 ones which I bought a week or two ago. They went on no problems, fit perfect and they have a quality feel. Perhaps not as quality feeling as my $200+ ASVs but having both I wouldn't waste the money on such expensive levers again.
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  5. Hmm think these were the ones I was reading about on another forum, got good ratings in general........
    The only concern raised was that there was no sleeve in the pivot bore so were a slight bit floppy
    Most I think just commented therefore that it was improtant to keep that area greased to prevent wear.

    General wear sounded pretty good for the price with only comment being that colour wears a little thin in 12 months+
  6. i bought some for my R6 and although they were not too bad, if your planning on doing track days or anything exciting, buy real ones. Before i went to PI i invested in some good ones simply because i didnt want to recover from a crash and realise it was the shithouse $50 levers that caused it!
  7. You've got me interested now...Anyone know if the shorty ones are physically harder to use?
  8. They are a bit harder since you can only fit 2 fingers on it. I'd imagine having a shorty clutch on a commuter would be pretty annoying though. The main benefit of shorties is that they can survive a drop without being damaged.

    I've got 2 regular length Pazzos and they feel great. My experience with ebay levers hasn't been that great - the adjuster snapped off on my old bike and they was really floppy/wobbly afterwards.
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  10. LOL! my bad, theyre for a cbr600rr 07-10 model though
  11. i've got ebay levers. adjuster was too loose and i'd catch the back of the lever with my fingers, which would move the adjustor (because it didn't have any weight on it) but just tightening the bolts fixed that.
    mine have survived being thrown at teh ground with the weight of a bike on them and only have a very small amount of the end ground down - makes zero difference to the feel.
    and i still have the factory levers if i should happen to need them
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  13. having trouble finding whether any of those shorties for a Suzuki GSF250 Bandit will fit...
    guess its bigger brother being the GSF600 may be a similar fit?
    any body out there know?
  14. probably best to ask zooki parts dude, if factory levers fit, aftermarket will
  15. I would start to question their "high quality aluminium" if the lever started to rust, considering aluminium doesn't rust.
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  16. yea i asked Suzuki fella on phone yesterday afternoon and he seemed pretty confident that id be out of luck getting some for my 250.
    my main questions were whether the 600/1200 had the same levers but said depends on whether you got clipons (that i do) or regular handles.
    so maybe i should just ride in and show them the bike etc. maybe compare them to a 600 if ones around.
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  18. haha true 8-[ I was thinking more the fittings and bolts but feel a bit sheepish now.