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Ebay Leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by western wolf, Jun 7, 2006.

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  2. Looks great western wolf, I d have it. Check the Yamaha R jacket very nice, for 199 buckos.
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  4. I personally wouldn't buy one of these without trying it on first. Could be okay, but I've tried some of that cheap stuff, and the fitments are really odd (too tight/long/short in places, etc).

    The quality/durability of this gear won't be as good as recognised brands that are seen on Sundays on tv.

    This topic has been covered many times before, and every time it's basically concluded with the saying 'you get what you pay for'. IMO you can get a far better jacket for just a bit more ($300).

    In saying that, however, I prefer seeing riders wearing a cheap leather jacket rather than none at all.
  5. Yeah bugger that.

    Mad in some sweat shop in Asia somewhere. Probably by Wyan or Ketut that stand out in the streets of Kuta Bali telling everyone "leather juckit, make speshool for you"

    If you're going to pay $150 + $30 postage ($180) for a jacket from Asia then you should consider spending an extra $70 for a textile jacket that can be obtained locally from a proven manufacturer not Nyomans cousin ;)

    Some examples,
    Its still winter so
    for $99 cant really go wrong.

    Ebay is becoming a haven for shit of late. A lot of shonky dealers, shonky items, be careful out there ;)
  6. Damn, that axo leather jacket's a good deal! (first link above).
  7. Its been there for a while.

    Don't know how long it will remain there.

    Might be worth asking the Q's
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  9. Yeah GO)SH, I was checking those out, but didn't bid.
    They look sweet and are well priced. Make sure you let us know what they're like.

  10. Agreed!

    I actually tried on that AXO jacket at BikeBiz the other day. They only have limited colours and size available as they are obviously running them out. But they're a top deal....
    Real nice fit and quality was as good as top brands IMO.
  11. Yeah, but where do you think most of the gear is made anyway? Even 'reputable' companies outsource the actual manufacturing to 3rd world countries. As far as I can tell, the only Australian companies that actually make their gear locally are Tiger Angel and Blackmax. All the others are merely importers, not manufacturers.
    And these Italian Spyke leathers? They were made in Romania, apparently.
  12. I agree, alot of the different brands of jackets come out of the same factory. The bottom line is that its cheaper to manufacture overseas, and so you cannot guarantee the quality, regardless of brand.
  13. Yeh I agree actually after considering the above comments I wouldnt go near it. Truth is I probably wouldnt buy any bike gear over the net. I have to try stuff on. Black Rose in Melbourne are good if thats any use to you being in Perth ?
  14. I have that jacket, it is a fairly decent jacket, leather seems put together well, fairly comfortable, and it fits well.
    If you got the wrong size i could see it being not too good, but if you get it right than it should work out fine
    I wouldnt trust the armour inserts in it though, they are foamy looking, and not too hard wearing from what i can tell, but the leather and stiching looks good.
    It is damm stiff too though, but airflow is good.

    Mine is only new so dont know if it will fall apart on you, but it doesnt look like it will to me
  15. Correct.

    Most of the stuff is made overseas in Asia.


    Alpinestars, AXO, Dianese to name but a few will have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that they are producing quality garments. Sure you get the odd dud but you get the drift.

    The crap that is sold on Ebay, at a guess, is manufactured without those strict QA measures in place hence the cheap price tag.

    CE means 2 5ths of nothing as an article posted here a few weeks back explains.

    At the end of th day, it's your skin that you are protecting, question is, do you trust Wyan & Ketut or do you trust AlpineStars, AXO, etc etc.........?
  16. I"m with Vic. Just pay the extra and have piece of mind. There is a good chance that this stuff is made in the same factory as the big guns, but is it made the same? do they use same quility materials? and if they do, do they stich together as well? and should you fall off and find the jacked fell apart and your left major skin grafts to fund, you will have nobody to sue!