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eBay indicators

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by robbie55, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. I know heaps has been said about buying locally and blah blah blah, but with a relatively rare bike (guzzi breva 750) there are few items that are available off the shelf in Aus bike shops. Coupled with the length of time they normally require to get parts in (if needing a special order) and the cost involved I often find myself online looking at various items.

    My most recent purchase were these indicators from ebay -


    Yesterday I was getting a few odds and ends from a large Sydney store and saw the exact same item for $59.95

    Not wanting to get into a heated debate over the pros and cons of buying locally v overseas as I do both but in this case a bit of shopping around on the net saved me the $50 that I then went and spent in Sydney anyway - a win win.
  2. they cost you about $6AU posted, i wouldn't be too worried about sending that small an amount overseas, ESPECIALLY seeing you spent that $60 the local shop was asking and most likely more anyway
  3. Cool story bro.

    My cool story == I recently bought the same indicators overseas. Because the seller claimed they came with 23w globes and my bike takes 15w... the items arrived with 10w globes which caused my indicators to flash too fast..

    Because of this.. I had to spend $20 on 18w globes and orange dye to slow things down.. so in all $40 was spent in changing the indicators on my bike hurrr... I could have gone into Peter Stevens and purchased a set of LED indicators which included resistors.
  4. Sorry to hear that JXD. TBH I didn't even bother to check those requirements - something to look out for. Fortunately mine went on with no problem. I think also because they are so cheap and the seller so far away it was probably easier to deal with it yourself than send it back etc.

    There are still plenty of bargains around on ebay though. I know another thread is talking about how cheap items are now given the strength of the aussie dollar, but I've got a few items from aussie sellers that are outstanding. Am waiting on a pair of draggins metros (for work) that are $260 in store but purchased for $160 including delivery from a dealer in QLD. Pretty much has the whole range available.