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Ebay Helmets out of China - do they make the grade??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Cooper_Hammond, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. You would only legally be allowed to wear the helmet if you were to get it certified for Australian standards. Regardless of what other standards it meets, if it isn't Aus-certified then it's illegal to wear it.

    Nitro helmets are sold here in the majority of stores anyhow. And with a postage cost of $70 you're better off saving yourself the trouble. Nitro helmets arn't that expensive anyhow.
  2. As long as a helmet has the AS1698 sticker on it you can wear it.
    If not the coppers will probably look down on it :p
    It's the only legal requirement when it comes to helmets.
    It can be 10+ years old so long as it has that sticker.
    Even though they say you *should* replace it every 5 years, it's not a requirement to.
  3. How do you go about getting it certified to meet AS?
  4. *You* don't. That's up to the manufacturer. If they want to sell it in Australia, their helmets must meet the AS1698 requirements.
    I know it's a cheap helmet mate, but it's not worth taking the risk. Just get one from a shop so you know that it fits you comfortably. That's the most important thing! :wink:
  5. Thanks for the 'heads-up' hunter. I think I'll take your advice!
  6. Yup, and so are Rolex watches, but they sure ain't the same ones sold on Ebay and made in China......
  7. No problems mate, good luck finding the right helmet! :wink:
  8. There's plenty of cheap locally available helmets that meet the AS standards. A quick web search will turn up plenty of cheap deals like this one
  9. Not wanting to be a wet blanket and all.....but....
    why would you want to buy a helmet you can't try on!
    Unless you know of an outlet in Aus where you can go and try for size before you buy online, I would steer well clear of buying a lid for my head sight unseen!
    Try before you buy...otherwise you are putting your own safety at risk even if it is up to Aus standards.
  10. I havent even gone to that link but if the postage is $70 as Haggismaen said then forget it. As the others have said you can get lots of cheaps helmets in the shops here so dont bother with Ebay.

    Price is not the most important factor for a helmet. Go to a shop and say your after a cheap helmet. Then try on all the ones in your price range and get the mosts comfortable one.
  11. I agree with Caz, all helmets fit different. They may be all XL or L but unless you try it on you won't know if it fits properly
  12. I have a really small head. There's about 2 diff helmets that fit me. One was $800... so I bought a cheaper RXT in a small, and even thats a little big for me it sucks
  13. Correctamundo, considering that out of every batch of helmets at least one helmet must be sacrificed to testing. and this isn't a "tap tap, seems good" kinda deal. Its something like a 3 inch pointed spike through the top of the melon, somehow i don't think you'd want to have to fork out for. The australian standards doccument about this very issue is here.

  14. re reading the url i gave, go to the very bottom of the page to read precisely how they test the helmets.
  15. Not leagal in Australia and by the time you pay postage minimal difference.

    I asume this is the older model, but is very similar and only $160 here anyway.

    You need to try helmets on, dont even look at the price until you know it fits properly. Then go for the cheapest that fits (and meets your other requirements).
    If the cheapest that fits is $300, well your just going to have to shell out $300.
  16. IT also has to go through the rigors of testing to pass the Australian Safety Standards before it can be sold in australia.So it'd be safe to say it isn't sold here it's not safe here!
  17. not nessecarily, also remember that compared to europe (728 Million) and america (299 million) we in Australia are but a drop in the pond at 20.5 million.

    We don't get a lot of things here, options for leathers & cordura designs/colours, Options for lid designs/colours/makes, options for bike colours, accessories, or for that matter, models of bikes just aren't deemed worthwhile for a manufacturer to send here, so we just dont get them. Then there's the after market parts, bling and other paraphenalia. So on and so forth.
  18. I'm going to lock this thread, it has run its course.
    Helmets without australian standards stickers are illegal, buy them and wear them at your own risk
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.