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ebay gloves, should i be scared?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lobsta, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. both of these pairs of gloves look very nice, is there one that is better than the other? are they both s#!t? what do people know about the brand?



    I am going for a cruiser, so the linky1 ones are being leant towards at the moment, but really, i wouldnt be unhappy with the linky2 ones.


  2. collins leather make a very good product. i would be happy with either of those.
  3. Collins are reputable.

    Get both. They cover different riding conditions... you will eventually anyway...

    Just be sure of your size.
  4. These look ok. I got my Joe Rockets from eBay.
    The seller looks to be reliable.
  5. ok, so these things look like the go. sucked in to the guy at team moto, these things look similar to the ones they were selling for 150+. couple of questions, do these ones have webbing between the pinky and ring finger? ive heard those style are better for not losing a finger in a crash... also, i am pretty much on the cusp of L and XL... im 19.5 - 20cm long depending on where u measure from and 9-9.5 cm wide once again, depending on where u measure. whats the go with gloves? is it better to air to the side of larger to allow for shrinkage, or go with a tighter fit?

  6. Not sure about webbing but I do know that tight gloves gives you pins and needles and are a pain to live with and are distracting.

    Get ones that fit and wear then around the house for a while to break them in.
  7. There is no webbing on these.. can't have everything for 69 dollars, I guess :)
    As for the size, that's a tough one. Generally, leather gloves should loosen up with use. There should be no shrinking, unless you get them really wet and dry them quickly or something like that.
    Luckily, if I remember correctly they offer to exchange for free if you get the wrong size.
    And their sizing is pretty accurate, so that helps a bit.
  8. I have Collins RS4 gloves and they are great :) Yes they did loosen up a bit after wearing for a while.
  9. Would you guys who have this brand of glove say that this brand is comparable with alpinestar in terms of protection and longevity? I would rather not compromise on safety for $100 difference.

    The double wrist strap and knuckle protection looks the goods tho.
  10. I have never owned alpinestars gloves but mates have and I think they are comparable personally. No crash tests to back it up but that is just my opinion.
  11. Mate, I got a pair of A* Sp2's for around the same price, and the collins look shitloads better, i've had my sp2's about 8 months and I don't think they'll last much longer
  12. when did A*'s become the bench mark in quality?

    Try some dainese gloves... Also try spyke, maybe even gimoto.
  13. You seem to get the idea from retailers that alpinestar is quality

    I bought a pair of Collins this arvo =]
  14. I seem to get the impression that alpinstars are popular now, because of clever marketing, more than quality product.
  15. I've got 2 pairs of Collins gloves, both summer and winter and they are good gloves. The only drawback is that when it rains the black dye runs making my hands turn black. I've also got a pair of summer and winter Aplinestars gloves and the dye doesn't run in either of those. For that reason I’d recommend Alpinestars over Collins, you get what you pay for.
  16. i got a pair of these - they're OK, don't expect what u see in the photos though but expect a pair of 70 gloves

    i'd go a pair of alpinestars or dainese over these but i don't have the $$