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Ebay frustration..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mikey213, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. I think this is the appropriate place to put it because its a venting post, so i had my old bike on ebay to sell it had been on there for 10 days and no bids, had a few emails from a bloke, who ended up bidding.. and then one guy bid after him and won.

    Contacted the buyer let him know i gotta book the roadworthy in and he can pick it up after that so its a fresh 28 day roadworthy... got a phone call from him about 3 hours later, to apologise he isn't actually buying the bike.. because it turns out his 12 year old son had been bidding on a shitload of bikes.. because he wanted one.

    Now obviously i'm not the only victim here, but i was mighty pissed off.. i wait 10 days the bike sells and the blokes kid ends up being a smart ass bidding on all the bikes he wants.. clearly not knowing the repercussions.

    why are you letting your kid on your ebay acc in the first place? its just not fair.. you expect someone to bid and buy and actually come pick it up... i accepted the guys apology but i said to him you know.. this is bullshit.. there must be some sort of law where if you bid on an auction you buy it whether you meant to or not, just like if you were at an auction house.

    so i've emailed the other bidder and hopefully he still wants it.
    lucky i didn't get the roadworthy done before it was sold.. $100

    end of rant.

    anyone else had this issue before?

  2. probably, but strictly your Near Miss is supposed to be a near-missed accident, not a failed e-bay bid :LOL:
  3. Yeah thats sucks. Being going through the same thing at the moment with ebay. Had 2 cases of people bidding and winning a bedroom suite i have for sale and both have not completed the sale, both going awal!!

    Absolute joke, wait 5-10 days for something you want to sell and move on and people just stuff you around.

    I feel your pain!!!!
  4. This is not a near miss in accordance with the forum, flagged for being moved to general discussion.
  5. Sorry didn't know where else to put it!

    i assumed venting forum = all types of venting.

    but anyhow... just recieved a $50 invoice from ebay.. i'm going to protest this as i didn't sell the item, and gilesy its just not right is it?
  6. I had endless fools calling me and wasting my time when I was selling my Suzi GR650 (in good running condition for $1500): after 20 minutes of rambling at me, "anyway, I wanted to say: it's a bit bloody pricey!" and again "Hey man, I'm interested, but you said it needs a new front tyre, and they cost $500!" - "No mate, they don't" - "Yes, they definitely do!"

    I put it up on Bikesales and had multiple earnest calls and had the money in my hand within 24 hours.
  7. i'd suspect he actually bid on a couple of different bikes, or saw one he wanted more after yours ended so made up the excuse.
  8. Ebay puts the seller and buyer together. If either of you can't come to the party it's hardly their problem.

    There is an avenue you can take about the buyer failing to follow through with the purchase, some sort of penalty for not buying, like a three strike rule.
  9. Yeah I’d say this would be the correct answer. The guy found something better/cheaper/sexier/changed his mind/etc.

    Easier to blame the young bloke…
  10. He sounded pretty genuine about the kid.. but it is a lame excuse from either side of the picture.. i'm not paying the 45$ because the guy shouldn't be bidding if he isn't going to follow through... the bike isn't sold.. and i'm either going to have to relist it or hopefully the other guy still wants it.

    Either way, don't bid if you aren't going to buy.. you can't go into an auction house and bid on a car and then say oh.. i don't want that one now.

    but anyhow i just thought id vent my frustration.

    pain in the ass imo.
  11. register a non paying bidder strike through ebay, realist the bike and ebay won't charge you for the original failed sale.
  12. Yeah, hear ya, all ways getting tools giving stupid offers, over 50 percent off displayed price etc, bunch of tools.
  13. Stuff like that happens lots. That and people just not wanting to pay any more (or offer less AFTER sale has gone through).

    There is a resolution centre for non-payment. I don't know the legitimacy of eBay as a purchase contract but worth a look none-the-less.

  14. So i rang them this morning, and they told me to put in a unpaid item case, ^^ that link there.

    and i my account will be credited $45 and he will have a strike against his name.
    ebay were really good to talk to and understood the situation.

    ill probably just put it on gumtree now if the other guy who bid doesn't want it!
  15. So i thought id update this thread, thanks guys for your help on getting the fee wiped.

    Turns out the second bidder was a chick and she came and picked up the bike today! so it all worked out good in the end, and i got the money i wanted for it anyway.

    good outcome out of a shit situation tbh.