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ebay frame sliders / necessity of radiator guard

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by vtr_rida, Apr 15, 2008.

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  2. I wouldn't bother with a radiator guard, but oggys for sure.
  3. Those frame sliders seem to be made from aluminum (The whole thing not just the mount?)? I thought they did them in plastic so the shock/force wasn't just transmitted into the frame.
    That is unless I missed something.
  4. I prefer to have the crash knobs mounted on brackets not just straight
    on the bolt. That way if you have a hard whack the bracket bends
    instead of the bike's frame or engine... but in general I think crash
    knobs are a good idea.

    I think radiator guards are a good idea, if I bought a bike that had one
    I'd leave it on, but I've never bothered to actually pay money for one
    because on streetbikes problems like holed radiators seem to be
    very rare. I guess it depends on how often you travel on gravel
    etc near other bikes/cars who are throwing rocks at you.
  5. I remember reading on a forum that the aluminium sliders can dig in or catch, potentially causing a bigger and more dangerous crash, while the hardened plastic ones actually slide better and wear down (?).

    As for the radiator guard, you can easily make one yourself. I made one for my R6 a few years back. Not as flashy as the bought ones, but on a faired bike you can't tell the difference and it hasn't failed me yet.

    Here's the link:

    Shortly after I did this I went back and safety wired the grill to the radiator for extra security. It's been a couple of years, and it's still going strong.
  6. Even though they are called 'sliders' they are only really any good for a stationary drop imho. Anything in motion is going to rip the shit out of the rest of your bodywork anyway, sliders or not. I saw a number of examples of this at PI yesteday, sliders just ripped out, damaging the frame.
    Sliders are to bikes what bullbars are to cars imho, a waste of fcuking money!
  7. cheers for the forum link Span, will def give that a go when i get some time :grin: "Remember, this is a GHETTO guard, not anything made by people who know stuff" haha

    Regarding the frame sliders they seem to be a bit of a tradeoff, still deciding.. The other option is to go with plastic puck style one's but the local shop said $300 and still not sure if 'no cut' for my model. Tempted to grab the $100 job from ebay and just not fall off whilst in motion :LOL:
  8. No worries! glad to help.

    I've also considered putting on sliders and I've looked at both no cut and race style sliders. Apparently some no-cut ones aren't very good, and the bracket can bend - totally mitigating any potential benefit from having the sliders anyway.

    I think the thing to do is to go with a reputable brand such as oggy or LP. Be careful of some of the ebay ones...they can offer you the world, but who knows what will happen once you hit the deck.
  9. Kawasaki radiators are very exposed, so yes would get one.. :grin:
  10. this is the link the the manufacturer of Ozzy Knobs.
    u cant buy from here, must buy From Kenma Aust., or a local dealer.
    slap in your bike details, and you can check if they have frame sliders for your bike, and the options available (cut/no-cut).


    personally, i'd suggest getting some. sure, you might hear of bikes @ the track, getting ripped to sh!t coz the oggy caught during the slide, but this isnt the track, or at track speeds.
    ANY saving of damage, be it during a 10km/h slide, or 100km/h, is good IMO.
    obviously they will save even more on naked bikes, as there isnt (m)any other fairing contact points. they saved my VTR alot of damage.... twice :oops:

    i'd love some axle armour for the VTR too - fork and swingarm sliders.
    shame they dont make it except for the sportsbikes really :?
    if i can put in a few hundred dollars, to save possibly a few thousand in damage, then so be it :)
  11. cheers for the link, think I will prob pay the extra and get the promoto oggys. I reckon the billet ones look great for stationary drops but the plastic ones that wear away would slide/prevent frame damage better