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Ebay farings

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by scotts RR, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. has anybody brought any bike parts, especially faring kits off ebay? the have full kits for cbr250 rr's for under 600............ i have got lots of things for my car off ebay, some dont quite fit perfect, but a bit of fiddling normally gets them. any help would be great,

  2. If you're thinking of getting the fully painted ones that come from Hong Kong then I'd say think again. I have seen the quality of those fairings and you'd be better off getting something from the wreckers here, although it may be at a higher price.
  3. On ebay I've seen two shops that have fully painted fairings for cbr250r and rr's. One from hong kong and one from china. They're about $150 different but its in the bracket of under $900 for the set.

    This first one from china

    This one from Hong kong

    I'm not sure about the wuality for them. I have not bought anything for my bike from ebay yet. I am looking to buy a number of things for my bike including fairings just before I upgrade.

    If anyone here has it I might want to have a look at its quality as well. I am also quite curious.

    I have been looking around for fairings from wreckers as well. Theres a complete set (new) for about $950-$1100. I have been quoted to fix up my fairings (from my mechanic) $1000 to fix my bike with new fairings and my tank painted as well(different collour scheme).

    There seem to be a shipment of new cbr250rr fairings. The wreckers and my bike shop they both have the same color scheme and both said its just arrived new in aus from japan(i think thats what they said).
  4. If you wanna have a look at the quality of the ones from HK head down to Southern Cross Motorsport in Heidleberg and have a chat with Yuki. He showed me one of the bikes with the said fairings on and they tend to crack after a few months.
    The bits that I saw were around the seat area which cracked as a result of the rider just sitting on it and there were cracks on the left and right had fairing which according to the owner (not Yuki) appeared as days went past. If you have a look at the bike with the HK fairings on, it was not dropped as there were no scratch marks or anything like that, the fairings just basically cracked.
    It was also brought to my attention that those fairings cannot be plastic welded back and resprayed for some reason but I didn't think to ask further. After complaints made by the owner of the bike to the seller from HK, the seller would not provide a refund (probably cuz the fairings have been cracked)
    This is just what I have seen on other bikes and am by no means belittleing the seller.
    Just giving you guys the heads up on what you might be in for.
  5. NSR fairings have been an average fit and build quality. Some of theRGV fairings have been the same, but others have said that they fit ok. The paint work is average, not as good as factory.

    Are you after cheap fairings or good fairings?

    If you're after good fairings, I'd say go TYGA, originals, or fibre glass. You'll pay a lot more money but the quality will be there.
  6. thanks for the heads up guys, i thought it was too good to be true. i was after cheap fairings as i dont wanna spend too much on this bike. i hvae looked at, and like, what tyga has to offer. but as an apprentice, i think its gunna be a bit by bit job. thankks again