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Ebay fairing for ninja250r

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mattizie, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just looking for a set of fairings an 09 ninja 250r, I really only need two, but a full set is about the same price.

    I have searched through the forum, but it wasn't too helpful. Just thought I'd ask here if any of you lot have had any experiences with this kind of thing.

    If I place the order I'd be more than willing to share my own review if anyone wants.

    The item I was looking at was:

    Item: Injection ABS Fairing Kit Green Bodywork for Kawasaki Ninja 250R EX250 08-11
    Seller: 13autoblazer


  2. They are not the same quality as the standard ones. I doubt that the paint match will be exact either so a keen eye will be able to pick the colour difference of the tank.
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  3. I hear some you have to redrill the holes to get them lined up, so be prepared for that
  4. OK well I bought a set, and they arrived within a month. Just for those that are wondering/were thinking of getting some here's my review.

    I've only just got around to installing them and here's the verdict:

    The good:
    Colour matches very well
    No need to drill any more holes
    All parts there
    Everything fits (though a bit on the snug side).

    The bad:
    Only one side was painted. Which is not the end of the world but it does look kinda dodgy when you take them off. Also the underside of the front cowling (not painted), can be seen by the rider.
    There were a few imperfections on some of the painted surfaces (as if a speck of dust/dirt got let into the painting room.
    Some of the parts (ie. one of the side covers) actually arrived damaged (scratches ect.), so much so that I ended up using the OEM parts instead.
    No bolts/nuts/rubber thingies included. So make sure you keep all the broken parts!

    I may upload photos at a later date.

    In summary:

    Would I buy again?

    If it was for a cheap commuter (ex250), track bike, or just something that needs fairings, then definitely. If it was for an expensive bike, a classic, or just something that I'd actually spend the effort to wash and polish, and be pedantic that all the bolts matched, no I wouldn't buy from China.
  5. I think if I were to buy a modern jap bike, I'd actually buy a set of these straight up and put my original set in storage. That way when I sold the bike, the originals would be in perfect condition.