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Ebay discs... should I do it..?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Rooz, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, my little lady is in need of a pair of discs for her CBR400RR and we're tossing up whether to purchase a pair of mass produced (probably chinese) discs off ebay. Has anyone tried had any experience with these??

    Alternatively does anyone know where i can get a good set of discs for an el cheapo budget??? i know the following models will also fit

    RS125 R Front 91-03
    RS125 R GP Front 04-05
    RS250 R Front 90-92
    RS250 R Front 93-97
    CBR400 RGYA (NC 23) Front 86
    CBR400 RR-J,K Tri-Arm Front 88-
    CBR400 RR-L,N,R Gull-Arm Front 90-94
    RVF400 RR Front 90-
    VFR400 R3L,R3M Front 89-92
    CBR600 F-S,T,V Front 95-98
    VFR750 F-R,S,T,V Front 94-97
    CBR900 RR-R,S,T,V Fireblade Front 94-97
    VTR1000 F Firestorm Front 97-06

  2. How much do you want to spend?

    How much are the ebay one's?

    You have lots of options there so check out a Honda specific forum, there's heaps of discs for sale second hand from here and overseas.

    Also check out s3performance.com.au in melbourne also. He sells discs and is willing to stand by his products, I have been emailing him about them also but haven't tried them so can't comment yet.
  3. Give the Ebay ones a shot but keep an eye on them for warpage and/or cracks. I'd say it was highly unlikely that they'd fail catastrophically without warning, so try 'em but monitor them for deterioration. I'd be cautious about them in the wet, too, until I'd tried them for a while.

    Hell, years ago, I read an article on a bloke who raced MV Agustas who turned his own cast-iron discs out of manhole covers so it's not exactly rocket science.
  4. Thanks guys. Ideally i'd like to spend less than $300 a pair. I know it isn't much of a budget but my girl is a little strapped for cash. The discs i was looking at on ebay are s3performace discs so i may give them a shot.

    Would anyone be able to tell me a few good australian honda forums? If i do buy 2nd hand discs, i'd like to see them first.
  5. Used discs will almost certainly be almost as rooted as the ones you're replacing and are likely to be priced rather optimistically.
  6. I used metalgear ones on my old CBR, but that was a 250. They were quite expensive.
    The few reports of the eBay ones I've read seem fine. I haven't heard of failures or premature wear.
  7. I've heard some bad stuff about S3 rotors, about the measurements and thickness deviations. I had a mate who got one good one and one terrible rotor and it was the same disc (for the front of a late model CBR 600).
  8. I use 'em too. I looked at eBay and figured the risk was not worth it.
  9. Try findapart as you may get fairly good condition ones from a write off bike... although you'd have to check they were not damaged

    I got a handle bar off someone in sydney via findapart website and they were really helpful and cheap
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  11. Had good dealings and prices with:

    S3 Performance Equipment [gear@s3performance.com.au]

    ph 1300 937 935
  12. I've got metalgear discs on my 636, and they've been fine; no warpage at all after despite using them hard at the track.
  13. METALGEAR braking products are world class.
    They meet just about every local and international quality standard.
    They guarantee their products 100%.
    They are an Australian company.
    They are DELIGHTFULLY friendly, efficient and professional in all aspects of their business dealings.

    If something goes wrong with your brakes and the worst happens, who will you (or your family, or the coroner) hold accountable?