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eBay dilemma

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, May 29, 2007.

  1. I have an item for sale on eBay. 2 days to go till the end of the auction, 11 watchers but no bids as yet. Starting bid of $350 and a buy it now price of $425.

    I have received a msg from someone offering to buy the item right now for $375. I really want $400 but of course if the bid got to $375 and ended I would be pleased with that.

    Should I say "No thanks, make a bid" or should I split the difference and take the sale offer ?
  2. Is $25 really important to you? If so, question answered. If not, take the $375 and buy a big pressie for your partner!
  3. Well it depends what the item is worth to you. If it were me I would take the 375.00 as the bidding might not get that high.
  4. any chance of bad ratings or something of the like because of pulling the sale before time ?
  5. let it sell.
    the guy offering to buy it might back out (always happens)
    most people only bid in the last 5 minuttes
  6. I watch at least ten times as many items as I actually bid on :oops:

    AFAIK only sellers/buyers can leave feedback. Many of the ads have "item can be removed due to having it advertised elsewhere" and you can even add that now due to nobody having bidded.
  7. If it's a rare piece that's not often found on eBay, let it ride out.

    I was offered $80 for a product that I had placed at a starting price of $49. By the end of the auction the price went for $255.
  8. +1

    You are much better off leaving it be. You'll usually get a flurry of bids in the minutes before the auction ends, and if you pull it from sale now and the guy decides to not buy it after all, you've got no recourse to make him pay, and you'll have to re-list it.
  9. Change the buy it now to $375 so you know he's for real if he buys it through ebay.
  10. Perfect advice. I would have suggested you revise the item ;)
  11. Why not offer to sell it to him if the auction ends with no winner?
  12. I'd wait, as said above, frenzied bidding can occur in the last hour or two.
    Besides, you can always relist if you get no bids, then you'll se ehow serious some people are.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. thanks guys, I have taken the revised Buy It Now price, but to $400, I have also responded to the eBayer letting him/her know. We'll see what happens from now.
  14. "pleased" what more could you want?
  15. another $25 to cover my eBay fees?
  16. When I sell on ebay, it is usually in the last couple of hours that the bidding will start.

    Love it when there is a bidding war and you get more than you want :)
  17. Tell him/her to bid and win the item, or you'll report them to eBay for rules violations and their eBay account will be removed. :grin:
  18. /\ this is exactly why Ebay isnt called instantmsg.com... cause its a bidding approach to selling off items not private msgs!

    This guy sounds like hes pulling a swifty with you. theres a reason why they say 'may the highest bidder win' not may the 'highest PMer win'
  19. This is the guts of it, I never bid untill the latest time posible unless I know I'm not going to be around at the time.

    Though without knowing what sort of item it is it is hard to tell.
    Specialist items people will be more hardcore about, generic items that come up a lot people will let go till they get the bargen they are looking for.
  20. Take the $375 or he might just put a bid in at $350 and get it for that :wink: