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ebay car

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by roundabout, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. OH YESSS the should impress the Chapel St. boys!!
  2. 218,000 hits, that's some good exposure.
  3. geezuz I wonder if it will take me back through time doc.

  4. RC36 quietly hums the theme music from "Top Gun"
  5. I find it hard to belive... I recon it is a hoax... but than I could be wrong...
  6. Can't trust them rice boys!!!
  7. The engines mentioned are actually designed for helicopters so would probably fit into the engine bay/boot of an MR2 to fit them, just don't know how well the chassis would take the stress.
  8. Magic chassis glue .. DUH :?
  9. After seeing those helicopter turbine powered bikes i will believe anything crazy like this!!!
  10. Don't know how safe a feeling it would be though knowing there's a jet turbine aimed at your back and running flat out. Hope they used strong mounting bolts.
  11. Hahahahaha!!

    Tow bar? Let's see,

    * Jet turbines face the rear of the car.
    * Jet wash (very hot gas) is directly behind the car..

    If I filled my trailer with raw chicken and went for a drive, how many minutes would it take to cook the chickens in the trailer?

    Could I use a garbage bag tie to secure the chicken against being blown away by the Jet Engines?
  12. HAHAHA!!! That's a very concerning point. The big question however is....WHY BOTHER DOING THIS????

    Fair enough it is unique and prolly cost a SHIT load of cash but why did he bother??? Got some Batman personality complex issues??? It quoted a figured of around 180MPH after modifiying the air dams and spoilers. hmmm let me see a GP bike can hit over 200MPH on a race track with straights not much bigger then 1-2km yet this guy needed a SALT FLAT to get close to that. Not my cuppa tea
  13. What's worse is that a stock-standard, non-turbo 2 Litre MR2 is quite capable of hitting 150mph.