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ebay break disc, every bought them

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by jmck, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. The rear disc on my xvs1100 has been below minimum for a while now, the pads are now getting low too. I have to take the wheel off (it's a shaftie) over xmass for other reasons. So I thought I might replace the disc with one from metal gear on ebay
    anyone ever tried them or heard good or bad about them?

    this is a 2 part question what pads (from the same place) should I get sinter, kevlar or organic? remeber this is a rear brake for a big cruiser?

  2. Bikes have rear brakes ?? News to me
  3. Metal gear are good but you don't want a disc that will break, you need one that will BRAKE.
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  4. I'm using MetalGear pads and they've been fine.
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  5. Can't comment on their discs, but their sintered pads seem the goods, been using them in a few bikes we have and they seem to stop well.
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  6. That's a lucky brake....
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  7. Have a Metalgear rear disc and their HH pads front and rear.
    Can't fault them. I'll go for their front discs when needed.
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  8. Got a metalgear rear disc on my VFR, no issues so far (done about 500km on it only though).
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