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Ebay and written off 675Rs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Myke, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. I've placed this in The Pub, as its just random talk and I'm not the seller/buyer etc, purely conversational. Mod's feel free to change/move, as you command :)

    Anyway... came across this on the web:


    what do people think about it? For some reason there's just something odd about it, no idea why - what are people's thoughts?

    For the 2013, does the damage look that bad for it to be written off? I would have thought you'd be able to buy the parts from o/s for $5-6k?
  2. Well, the white one is a stat write off, cannot be re registered - could be frame damage which cannot be repaired, legally. Also, insurance companies don't source parts from overseas, so no win there.

    If the owner wanted to repair it themselves, sure you could do it a lot cheaper, but these have been done through insurance claims & at some point they have to cut their losses. They also get to sell the wreck, so it's not all bad.
  3. This guy buys up bikes from NSW auctions as well as nearly every bike here at Manheim Altona. If its a NSW bike its a stat write off no matter what. They dont do repairable writeoffs anymore, hence why barely any damage visible. Also in Vic if theres any marks, scratches, or even tiny dings on the frame, it is a stat writeoff.
    Having plenty of experience in the bike auctions down here I can tell you that if that seller is asking 10k for it, he probably paid around 6k for it. Not hard to source one direct from auction and buy it yourself ;)
  4. Wow that's interesting!

    Definitely food for thought if I ever think about getting a bike for the track. 2-3 years of full comp insurance gets you a bike you can lay down at the track and not cry too much about.

    Wonder how much a basic stat write-off gsx 600 would go for... google time!