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Ebay and Aus complied safety

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ddmoore, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Basically im looking to purchase my riding gear for as low as possible (as do many) and i was told by a mate who rides thatwhen it comes to buying via ebay or the likes, your more likely to end up buying something that isnt fit with australian standards.

    now i dont know how true this is, but i have done a bit of browsing on ebay and a number of sellers DO say they are australian complied.. but they also say they are shipped from over seas.

    Now, im someone who is mad-eager to ride with appropriate gear that will save my a** if/when i fall.

    just want to know others opinions on gear they have bought via ebay and what you think about what i said above about not complied to aust standards.

  2. That may be true.

    But the only thing that needs to be up to Australian standards (AS certificate on it or sticker) is a helmet.

    What gear in particular?
  3. Yep, no gear is required to meet any standards apart from the helmet. No worries with buying from OS. Just make sure you know what you are ordering and know it fits. A few extra $'s in Aus is generally a better deal given that you will get some backup service and can walk out of the store knowing exactly what you have and it fits.
  4. For helmets and visors they must have the label to say that they complied with the Australian standards.

    If you buy them from overseas they may not have the required label. It is illegal to use any helmet or visor without the relevant label.

    I don't think there are any Australian standards for jackets, pants, boots, gloves etc.
  5. As Grunge said, it's only the helmet that needs to be compliant.

    The main problem when buying gear off ebay is that you can't try the stuff on. A Korean size 34 seems to be a hell of a lot smaller than an Oz 34. This is no problem if you can try the same gear on in a shop, and then scoop it up off ebay, but a lot of the stuff on ebay isn't available in shops (read: crap).

    Trusted, tried brand names don't cost much more than no name ebay stuff (and will outlast it), but at the ned of the day it's your moolah!
  6. +1 on that...
    I got my jacket overseas for $200 less than here, but it's name brand so I got to try it out here first for sizing. :]
  7. Yeh, ok, i thought maybe jackets and pants etc needed to be complied aswell because of the padding, or protection they provide..

    I would definatly prefer to be trying the gear on in shops, also knowing that it may be covered under some sort of warranty or guarentee?

    i have a receipt so i can take it back within 'x' number of days if something fails.

    I supose there are the pros and cons about shopping online as to shopping in store.

    I am just generally looking at all possible options to ensure im getting good gear, for as cheap as i can.

    cheers guys and gals :)
  8. As Grunge said, it's only the helmet that needs to be compliant.[/quote]

    And Visor.

    As for the protective gear, well, that stuff is made cheap because there is no testing/R&D involved. Apu stiches a few pieces of leather together in the back of who-flung-dung's A++Massage store front.

    You will probably find that the stictching and build of the items are far inferior than say a brand name.

    Apu doesn't care about his reputation, he has nothing to protect other than his family's dinners. If it all goes bad, close one ebay account, open another.

    At the end of the day, it's your hide, do with it as you please.
  9. Where it has CE armour the armour (at least ) meets a european certification.... which is what the CE means.

    THe leather gear not is sposed to meet the same certification.. but its very doubtfull that it does. Cos its an expensive process and each manufacturer needs to do it for each item. WHereby the CE armour is just stamped out on a machine then sold to the manufacturers.. its a one time certification thing.

    So the armour meets the standard. But realistically if the leather is 1.2 or 1.3 mm thick and the stitching looks reasonable it will hold up ok
    My old shoie leather survived several falls with little sign of damage and after 20 years I replaced them with no name leathers (of a netrider discounter) only cos of the CE armour, Perfectly happy with the quality althoufgh I would have liked a pocket in the jacket, But Kathy says she will fix. From memory they were about 450 and he threw in some pretty good gloves., and I spent half an afternoon trying them on and annoying him. Can't do that on ebay
  10. yeh, sweet. cheers for this guys. i appreciate it.

    lots of good feedback and information.
    i think tomorrow (mon) i will head off the shop and try and buy :)

    which means i will have -


    boots and helmet will come next :)
  11. Actually, the CE certification on these imported items is bollocks.

    There was a thread on here a while back discussing the ease at which the CE stamp can be used.

  12. WRONG!!!!

    Where it has CE *and* it is imported and sold in Europe, THEN it would meet european certification... the CE means absolutely nothing elsewhere.
  13. Really? *scratches head*
    How so?
    I would have assumed that if it says CE, then it's imported from Europe, and not just someone not in Europe saying "hey, stamp the CE on and send it to [insert non European country here]."
  14. So your saying its a fraud? How so? Its going to be almost as hard to do as a fraud than to do it right don't you think? I mean we are talking bits of plastic here, Senf one batch of to get certified and then flog the rest to manufacturers who are going to be happier buying the genuine bits of plastic than risking issues unless they are a lot cheaper.

    But you are talking millions of bits of plastic, the certification costs hardly matter, Seens like the sort of thing its just no bother to make right. THe damm machine is 2 million bucks.. each bit of plastic is 45 cents to make. the certification is a couple of hundred thousand. Just doesnt seem like an issue.

    Ahhh well the armour will probably work anyway, been crash tested by people I have met afterwords :) The made by Ned Kelly label might have been a give away.
  15. I suppose its like selling stuff to the European market and boasting out the fact that the item meets AS1690 or somesuch
  16. It's because the CE has no legal meaning anywhere else - so if they aren't selling it in Europe, they can happily put CE on it to decieve those who don't know any better! That's why those dodgy products will have as many certification symbols as they can legally put on.

    They also use certification symbols that have no meaning e.g. a plastic toy with an electromagnetic emissions symbol :p

    So the two things that you need to check:
    - whether the symbol has a legal meaning in the country it is sold in
    - whether the symbol has any relevance to the product

  17. Good decision.

    This means that (a) you're supporting a local dealer, instead of some anon. importer on Ebay, (b), you get to physically inspect and try the gear on and (c) if it is faulty, it's much easier to return for replacement or repair.

    I don't really like buying stuff on Ebay. The missus loves it. Often the few times that I've looked for stuff on it, there is usually a bidding war towards the end. This has usually resulted in something selling for more than what it's worth, or what it could be bought for at a shop.

    And sometimes you don't know what you're getting. The missus bought me a karcher cleaner recently. The model doesn't look anything like what is on the Karcher website. I'm presuming that it's a superceded model, hence why it was so cheap. The picture on the box has a model number written on it but the unit itself doesn't have this.

    Plus, there wasn't a manual. Instead it had a VHS video, which unfortunately we can't play as we no longer have any VCRs in the house. I'll have to dig one of them out from the rubbish in the shed and hook it up if I want to look at it. I've downloaded what I think is the manual for it from the karcher site. But it's in 20 million languages, and it's difficult to read, as the english bits skip from page to various pages. It's one of those manuals that fold out into an A1 size sheet. Not having an A1 printer, I can't print out a readable copy of it...

    So, that's what I think of buying stuff on Ebay. And there's the moral thing about Ebay flouting the law when it comes to allowing scalpers to flog tickets and refusing to address the issue. The Ashes 2006 Test comes to mind.
  18. Yeah, you are now supporting an Australian dealer who imports the stuff and not you :p

    Only happens to poorly experienced & lazy ebayer's

    Generally safe if you stick to the main sellers and now the Newbies and it helps to be able to identify stolen accounts.

    Do you have printers in the latrobe valley? :p
    Seriously though, take a copy of the program to a cartographer, a printing place or even orroficeworks, they should be able to print it for you.

    How do you spot a legitamate sale over a scalper. We've bought tickets for shows like the wiggles and at the last minute we were not able to go. We advertised them for sale for the original price of $104 and ended up selling them for $330. Not intentional, but a nice profit. Would it have been better to lose $104 and for those seats to go empty?
  19. Depends if the Ebay seller is in Oz or overseas, I s'pose. But when it comes to clothing like this, I'd be hesitant. I'm getting a new jacket this week. I've tried on various sizes of various brands. For example, an Rjays 2xl isn't the same as a DriRider 2xl for a similar style jacket. Fits differently in different parts.
    That's not a problem. I can take the pdf to work and print it there. We have a couple of A0 or whatever size is bigger than A1 printers that we use to print schematics and other tech. drawings on. My comment about the manual was more of a whinge than anything else.

    I would've thought that you'd sell them in 10 mins. for $104. If they were popular enough you would've easily sold them, as you did, but for 3 times the price.

    I have mixed feelings about the whole scalping thing. On one hand, a person does choose to pay the inflated price. On the other hand, the sellers may be in a position where they can more easily purchase bulk amounts early on then hold onto them in order to "scalp" those who miss out but would "pay anything" to see the event.

    And don't get me started on limited public seating tickets for the AFL Grand Final. When the Victorian taxpayer subsidises a venue that is controlled by a private and exclusive club, then I get a tad annoyed when said taxpayer can't get a ticket to the GF.
  20. Speaking of inflated prices.

    UB40's tour earlier this year was one show in Victoria.
    I missed out on good tickets because my pay didnt hit the account till the day after the tickets went on sale.

    The only tickets available were right up the back. All tickets were $110 regardless.

    I didn't want to pay $110 to be right up the back.

    Now I scoured ebay and found 2 tickets for $145 each and bought them. They were 3rd row seats. The original owner bought 10 tickets for the 3rd row.

    Lucky for me I wont the tickets because the seller stuffed up the auction and listed them as a buy it now and we did. The other people sitting next to us paid $190 a ticket.

    So scalping can be beneficial to those that really want to see a show but are stuck with crap ticket options.