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VIC ebay $275 leathers: good enough for track days?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by logularjason, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. I'm hoping to do a first track day at Broadford in July, and have noticed a few Aussie ebay vendors who are selling new leathers around the $300 mark. Can anyone vouch for these cheaper suits? I have no doubt that quality or safety is not the same as the $1500+ mainstream suits, but I am wondering if the big brands charge a premium, so perhaps it's not such a major step down?

    Here is an example - hard to tell from one photo...

  2. I would rather own a second hand name brand suit. I got a gaerne suit for $80 off gumtree.
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  3. I poked around on gumtree and ebay for ages looking for secondhand gear, but good stuff at a reasonable price seemed pretty scarce.
  4. I looked at that one too mate and thought how comfy is it,will it last in a high speed crash? If i don't like it will probably be losing cash trying to sell it.
    Opted for a 2nd hand Dainese 2 piece, paid 300 and if i grow in or out of it should hold some value towards the next 1 i purchase.
    definately a lucky dip regarding lesser known brands. Good luck with your decision.
  5. yeah i definitely suggest keeping an eye out for second hand suits - I got a 2 piece AXO suit, gloves and boots in great condition for $150.

    Join some of the motorbike buy/sell pages on facebook. theres a Track Junkies page that regularly has people trying to sell leathers
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  6. #6 logularjason, Jun 11, 2015
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    Cheers for the tips. I actually wrote to the vendor about risk of purchasing something unseen, and they were OK with a return if I simply changed my mind, which seems very fair. Still, I wonder about leather thickness, etc. My better judgement says to go for something mainstream, which seems to correlate with you guys.

    This one looks the business too (apart from the branding...) =D

  7. Call Josh from champions ride days he is selling a heap of last year's hire stuff really cheap.
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  8. do not buy cheap internet bullshit....or do it, but i reserve the right to mock you if you eat it and the suit falls apart....(or happily eat my words if it doesn't)
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  9. This is presumptuous but I presume it's lower grade cow leather to get to that price. I.e. A not so healthy animal who's skin is not up to Dainese or Spidi "premium" level. That being said, it would survive one crash but the stitching is the weakest point in a suit so tug at the seams and check for durability (you can always return it right). If track days are going to become a regular thing just spend the $1500. If it's a once off I'd just hire at the venue $75.
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  10. Also look at the option of having a suit made for you.

    At the time I was looking at getting a suit there where quite a few brands available around the $900 mark at different shops (nearly bought a Berik). Ended up having one made for me for the same money. Fits like a glove, unlike the hire set I used a few times.
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  11. I bought an Ebay one-piece (Rhino brand) a while ago for track days. It's fine. No, i haven't crashed in it, but I do have eyes and the ability to judge seam design and stitching quality and compare them against stuff I have crashed in. Nothing wrong with either of those.

    What it is, is massively heavy and stiff. The leather is amply thick and strong but bending it is like folding sheet steel. Time and wear will cure that, but it will be a lot of time, unlike a branded suit which will likely be comfortable after one wearing. Given that a branded suit would have cost me a minimum of twice as much, I can live with that.

    Oh yeah, and I wasn't able to order it without the wanky hump.
  12. If that suit gets you out racing then go for it!

    If you've got time to kill, and second hand set of leathers will most likely be the best choice.

    I've always seen leathers for the $500 mark in bike shops too, added advantage is that you can try them on.

    My brother bought some $500 RST leathers and he's crashed three times in them now and all is good.
  13. So, as the other option, where would you get a set of leathers made for you?

    I find that my legs seem to be shorter somehow and the sliders/kneepad sit on my shin...
  14. I had mine made by Panik race leathers (see the facebook page for pics and details) in Perth. Jessica races herself and it looks like half the racers in Perth now wear Panik!

    You can choose one or two piece, perforated or not, colour scheme, hump or no hump, custom logo's, xtra shoulder or knee slider, any numbering etc. (The QR code on the arms have my contact details and blood type as a joke)

    All for just over $900. Base starts at $750.



    Faster and Faster until the fear of death subsides........
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  15. So another insight/analogy.
    Cheaper or lower grade leather from say an old wirey cow will not bend& twist in micro millimeters to actually follow the size of stitching it is held together by , then think about the grade of stitching and craftsmanship that has been used in the manufacturing process.
    So what is the outcome?
    Premature falling apart of the so called race suit you are trusting to save your skin in the case of a fall in which happens to the most seasoned of riders.
    How many times i have heard the words
    "You get what you paid for" and it stands true to this day"
    My next favourite saying
    "Quality over quantity".
  16. Awesome pics ... The 390 is a blast :)
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  17. Lol fear of death , you've got "Panik" writen all over ya lolol awesome!!!
  18. Have a look at the Facebook page of 'track junkies sales'. Quite a bit of gear advertised with many suits.