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Eating out West (Melbourne)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Hi, I'm trying to organise a family catch up dinner next week (Wed night) somewhere between Melbourne 'city' and Geelong. Major requirements would be just, good food, value for money can be a part of it, if not, no worries. I'm more concerned on a great night out :) My parents have to drive 40ish kms to Geelong then to wherever the dinner is organised at, so a venue closer to Geelong than to Melbourne might be handy for them :grin:(awww, aren't I a great son:eek: ) Any suggestions would be VERY appreciated.

    There is no specific cruisine wanted, we eat anything. So, just remember, looking for great food, I don't know that much west side except the railway hotel (I think that's the name, near the werribee racecourse and near a big train intersection/bridge/river but dad had a bad waiter last time they ate there and are turned off it now).

    Thanks for reading! I do appreciate any input with this matter.

  2. there is a nice little restaurant near the commecial in werribee. reasonably priced, decent menu. its right ont he end of the pub itself, but ive never had it get rowdy or anything, as there is a dividing wall and seperate from the bar. does have a name, but i cant remember it.
  3. I agree with ronin11 the commecial hotel one (i think its also classed as the commecial hotel) they do some really nice food
    I have been there a few times they also do great garlic bread i suggest you get some to try if you go there :grin:

    Another place just down the road from that called raphael's cafe.
    They do alot of nice meals prices are decent and the staff there are great as well they also have a undercover outside eating area

    There is another place down watton street called chirnsides they can be abit pricy and don't have alot on the menu for fussy eaters, But what they do have is very nice (they have the normal chicken steak etc)
  4. Thought of Laverton? Theres bound to be some good nosh there.
  5. A number of nice little restaurants in Watton St, WBee. Up near what is now the Library I think. Baffetti's is one, Chirnside Tavern, Cafe' Aroma.....
  6. Thanks to all! From reading your replies and doing some googling of stuff, I found http://walkabout.com.au/locations/VICWerribee.shtml

    I called up a few watton street places, non seemed to be open for lunch and then ended up finding commercial hotel so I called that. All good, we'll be going there I think for the night. Once again, thanks for the replies, you did help me a lot :grin: