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Eating lots o' peaches

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jym, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. G'day everyone, long time no see!

    So I got sick of the city life and moved up to Broadford. Quit my job, abandoned my house, made my missus pack the house, and now I live in my sisters shed! But I couldn't possibly be happier.

    SO how many of you live up in country Victoria? Whos got good rides up this way?

    As the presidents of the united states of America said: Movin' to the country, gonna eat me a lotta peaches.

    Safe holidays to all!
  2. that's what I call movin' to the country :shock:
  3. Hello Jym, Broadford, Strath Creek, Flowerdale is a good run.
    Same route but instead of turning off to Flowerdale continue on to the Yea rd and then Highlands to Seymour.
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  4. state motorcycle complex.
  5. Second this (y)
    Some wonderful roads your way mate.

    Enjoy those peaches when off the bike :)
  6. I lived in Broadford for 10 years in Brucewater court. Beautiful area. The roads from the Seymour golf course to Yea/Eildon and Alex are great. Also if you head north of Broadford and tale the Tallarook turn off to Strath creek that will get you to the same destination. These roads will also take you through to Flowedale, Kinglake and the Mulga Highway if you keep going.
    Have fun but watch out for the girls and boys in blue...

    Shauna. :)
  7. Thanks everyone! I love the Kinglake ride. Haven't had much chance to get out though as its hit 36-40 all week! Hopefully get a good run tomorrow!
    All this beautiful scenery and bikers everywhere, surely there's more net riders up this way??
  8. This +1

    I was singing it for weeks at work before quitting
  9. Umm, I could be wrong but i'm pretty sure the peaches in that song was a euphamism for certain parts of the female body. Also did you sell your house or literally just abandon it...
  10. Country?! Broadford's an outer-Melbourne suburb!

    Good rides? Take any road that heads east, north or west.
  11. Just abandoned it. I was renting, and I informed my landlord. As we were not under any lease agreement (He was too lazy to bring me the paperwork to sign) we told the big man, then packed and left.

    I was looking forward to the cooler weather to go riding, but sadly though it has cooled down its raining and blowing a gale!

    I love country (oops...outer suburban) life :D