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Eating and Driving - Tradey on the Boulevard

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Funkmonkey, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. So im on my way back from a mordy ride about hrm... 20 minutes ago, turn onto the boulevard in port melbourne, and see a gold hilux moving towards the exit to the carpark of the cafe thats on the end of the road there next to the tram stop. Dudes looking straight at me, but the fact that he was driving a manual and stuffing a pie into his stupid fat gob instantly made me see trouble, so i slowed down to 40.

    Sure as eggs this motherfucker, still looking at me, slows down, cant shift from second down to first and therefore stop without stopping eating, almost stalls his ute, and then says **** this im taking off anyway, within a couple of meters of me. Bearing in mind, if i had stayed at 50kmh, i would have been taken out.

    So he goes up a couple of blocks then pulls into the construction site just off one of the roundabouts there, i thought ill just have a quick word with him. "Mate, if you had finished your pie BEFORE youd left the carpark, then that woul..." "**** YOU, IF YOU NO FAKIN SCHPEEDING I NO ALMOST DROP MY PIE FARK YOU!" ****ing..... WHAT??????!?!?! "MATE IF 40KMH IS TOO FAST FOR YOU STAY OFF THE ****ING ROAD CUNT"

    Judging by the grins from the traffic controllers there.... hes been abused before. And it took all my strength not to go into a ranga rage and just rip the rest of the pie out of his hands and smash him in the face with it.

    Now i respect Hawklord greatly, but he was telling me a few weeks back that its not that people dont care, its that they dont see us. THAT was living proof that thats bollocks.
  2. Ranga rage. I like it. Like a were-Orangutan.

    Sounds like he's got the mental capacity of the guy that had a go at me, too. He spoke in much the same manner, but wearing business attire. Takes all kinds, I s'pose.
  3. i am a ranga and i know of this rage you talk about :)
  4. you guys should come to the cricket ;)
  5. Do you want to know the really disgusting thing about your encounter? If you had of ran into him it would of been reported as you running into him.
    ...and when the cops were taking his statement, what do you think he would of told them happened? That is of course if he hung around to talk to them.

    Congratulations and well done, you have just realised that what somebody says happens and what actually happens are two different things. Your mind is now more receptive than before. *achievement unlocked*
  6. Glad you're okay. I would hate to have to report my buddy was missing.

    Is ranga rage like the irish rage I am inflicted with? I go off like a firecracker.
  7. Hahah im all good. I might be a learner on a bike but ive been driving long enough to know the dumb shit that other drivers do and be able to avoid it.
    And no, potato throwing irish rage has nothing on ranga rage :p
  8. Really?
    Still got about 12 hours before I leave Melbourne... ;)
  9. from the guy who didn't even say hello
  10. OH Man! No one told me there were Netrider Achievements!
  11. Well I didn't know just how explosive you were then!
  12. The fuckwit deserves a punch in the head for not being able to drive a manual and eat a pie. I could do that by the time I was 17.

    You'd all hate me much. I often drive my 4wd ute whilst eating a pie. Pretty bad combo.
  13. Have you considered reporting the tradie to the company (if he works for one). Most companies have policies about their vehicle usage that employees are required to adhere to.

    I've done it before. Whether it gets a reaction or not is a different question, but if the company fails to take action and the douchebag does something similar again and kills a rider, you could pass the details on to the victim's family so they can sue the living crap out of them.

    I reported a tradie a while back who was doing burnouts in his ute with a boat attached and a beer in his hand on bay street and in rouse where families walk with kids (also in port melbourne - I was walking my daughter in her pram when he did a burnout around a corner turning from bay into rouse in front of the exchange with the boat still attached). I normally dont bother but he'd done it a couple of times on separate days and he worked for a tyre company on his his ute so I reported it to the company. Haven't heard anything from him since and I know he lives in the area.
  14. Faaark dude, congrats on retaining your self control.

    I think it would have been good therapy to let the pastry loose on him just a teeeny bit though.

    Glad you're ok
  15. I had a complain rang in about me once, whilst driving a work ute. I was weaving in and out of traffic on the highway, pretty much the same as what I do on my motorcycle, except not quite as agressive. Manager of company had a good old laugh and gave me shit. Waste of time calling the company unless its a big name joint with lots of disposable staff.

    Toughen up and keep riding, nothing you can do can will stop a knobhead from being a knobhead
  16. Normally a company is unlikely to give two shits about bad driving but almost every company will take action for drink driving. Most companies I know of would fire for it. If he was doing the burnout I probably wouldn't have given a shit myself but combine it with alcohol and a trailer and it's an accident waiting to happen.
  17. Some companies take it seriously.

    I have dished out a few Written warnings in the past and taken vehicles off repeat offenders
  18. Cheers man. Ive learned well over the last couple of years. Unfortunately i have very little fight left in me these days lol.
  19. Lol i have had it a couple of times. The best was getting reported for drag racing down ballarat road in an LPG Falcon ute... with about 2 tonnes of gear in the back. I just laughed at the boss and asked if he seriously believed i could go that quick with that shit in the back and welcomed his mate to come around and visit to take my license, but hed better have some ****ing video evidence of it or he was gonna lose his job over it.
  20. Unfortunately having a marked car of any sort makes you a magnet for random bullshit complaints, ive had drag racing, abusing mates of the owner of a security company i worked for, littering, throwing cigarette butts out of the window (that was a dandenong council minibus that tried to cut me off and failed that reported me, i just reported him back for excessive speed)
    The dude today was in a totally unmarked car, and to be honest, all i wanted to do was say to him dont do it again, but the little fucker had the nouse to abuse me for making him almost drop his pie... that was what got me. I just had to leave.