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easy to make ear plugs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cotso, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Don't know if anyone else has tried this, but just came back from a ride having used a last minute ear plug. I put some bluetack in a small piece of glad wrap and pressed it into the ear and WHAT YOU SAY !!!!! worked well for me, the glad wrap stops ear irritation from the bluetack.

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  2. It's easier to buy them than make them.
  3. True. but couldnt get to my supplier for the foam ones, and these worked well, just a post than might help someone out . Cheers
  4. No chemists around? They're a couple of bucks a pair if you absolutely can't make it home without some plugs. I bought five and stuck one in each of my jackets and bags, for when I lose/forget my custom set (or my missus does).
  5. Great for an emergency... but really, how much damage can 1 ride without ear plugs do...?
  6. upsets your equilibrium and you could over flex your neck when nodding
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  7. thats a great idea, thanks dude....................
  8. I bought a pack of about 200 pcs from the local safety shop for about 20 bucks. Never run out.
    Good thinking though
  9. hahahah...!!!!

    Common people, only put things in orifices that are proven to work.. Trial and error can be fun but also has its down sides..
  10. That puts a whole new perspective on not finding Princess Buttercup so common now.
  11. Damn good idea. Last year I lost my earplugs on a ride 350 k's from home, on a Sunday early morning in the middle of nowhere. Bits of fabric just don't cut the mustard unfortunately :(
  12. Used to do this when I was a kid and had grommits but still wanted to go swimming, minus the cling wrap, blutac makes for great ear plugs.
  13. But hang on a minute. What if you've got no blu tac available? I, for one, don't carry blu tac around.

  14. Does this help?
    For everything else, try google.
  15. I really can't think of a time when I'd have blu-tack and glad wrap lying around but no earplugs. but if it works for you......
  16. In my own case, the damage is not really a factor, mate.
    I find the wind noise annoying and distracting, making the ride far less enjoyable, so for that reason alone i would use anything i could. :)

    When i ride, i am very much inside my own head, where i can maintain calm and focussed no matter what i'm doing. No ear plugs makes that alot harder, for me.
    As i tend to punt it around a bit, it becomes more of an issue.
  17. You could try baking your own ear plugs with dough. That way when your finished with them they make a tasty treat.
  18. Yeah I tried that before the blutac, but burnt my hair and face while drying them in the oven. lol=D>