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Easy Ride This Afternoon

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Blu101, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Hi!, Am looking for any L/P platers who would like to go for a ride tommorrow 01 Mar. I am in the sutherland area. Any open riders out there who are willing to ride with a leaner and help also welcome. PM me if any1 interested!

    *EDIT* Hornet is coming along. Anyone who wants to ride down to Bald hill with someone, i will be leaving Sutherland area at 1115-1130. Can ride down together. Come along will be a nice easy run.

  2. When, where, where to start??? I'm free in Wollongong after about 10:30 - 11.
  3. Not sure where to go. On L's so would prefer to stay away from freeway / highways. Could meet at Bald hill at say 1200. Once there have a chat about were to go for the ride. Say leave there at about 1230.
  4. If you're still lurking on here before leaving, shoot me a PM with your number - i'm interested in coming...
  5. Is anyone still keen? Im up for a bash through the national park!
  6. Hey guys still on, just spoke to Hornet and in is a green light.
  7. Bald Hill. 12.3O. Be there! :)

    We'll have a blue GS500, a Hornet600, a red GT650 and a red Yamaha diversion.
  8. If anyone is free next Sunday (I'm not working yay!), I'd be interested in doing a similar ride.
  9. a couple of days after the due birth date for first grand-child

    probably not :LOL:
  10. Yeah for sure. We should do National Park, head to the pass then do the Kangaroo valley loop. It'll be a long day for the sydney boys but well worth it!
  11. Hey, sorry but will have to miss this sunday has i already have plans and also doing the HRCA ride on the 15th. Minister of fun and entertainment would not be to happy if i was gone everyday for three weeks in a row! If things change i will let ya's know.
  12. anyone up for this on sat? cant do sunday.
  13. when u wanna go then adam? i get bike into workshop on friday, should get it back same day, i can do sat or sun, not both, LMK when ur keen...

    what tires u get fitted and how much he charge???
  14. was gona get pilot activ's but michelin doesnt have any in stock. bout 400 i think. saturday is the only day for me
  15. seems like no tyre company has any stock! My GS500 rear has a flat and can't seem to get any replacement in bridgestones, michelins pirellis..anything!
  16. I'm up for Saturday...had a great time last weekend :) thanks again to the experienced guys who guided us last time!
  17. whats the plan sat?? meeting point route and the destination and also time to meet and expected time to arrive home...

    cheers im up for this one

    ill just put a suggestion out there:

    meet at loftus at 830

    go to RNP, then the route adam was saying before.......

    post whos intrested this sat

  18. How about Sunday?

    Forcast is a couple of showers, sounds like fun! :grin:
  19. Dave, I may be able to go on Sat. Will give you a call some time tonight. But Sun is a no go for me. Meeting a Loftus is ok but what about the sports field car park on the left just before you enter the RNP. Not out of anyones way then. Less traffic at that time of the day as well.
  20. Hey I missed out on this one last week but if you leave after lunch again I'm definatly an inner........