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Easy out removal! I need a pro!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Seany, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. The bolt that holds roof racks on my car broke, then the easy out used to remove the bolt broke. I was hoping for suggestions in the way of someone who can either get it out or drill/grind through and put in a new thread.

    Preferably someone close to Eaglemont or Bulleen would be great and more importantly, they'd have done this kind of thing before if not regularly. I need to have this fixed or the car I bought 2 months ago will be next to useless to me.

    Anyone know someone who has the know how and tools????? :)

  2. Sean when I snapped an easy out in the block of a small motor, I had someone come out and he welded ball after ball ontop of the snapped easy out then we used pliers to remove it.

    Not sure if there are many drill bits that you could buy that drill through hardened tempered steel as the easy outs are.
  3. Look for someone who does spark erosion
  4. You could try The Thread Doctor 0419 507 633. His specialty is broken bolt removal and thread repair. I have used him twice to remove broken crankshaft bolts from Chrysler Voyagers at work. He is not cheap from memory he charged us $110 each job.
  5. How did he get the easyout out? Was it spark errosion, drilling (if so, do you know what type of bit) or heat? I ask because heat is not an option for this problem. No-one local seems to want the job so I might try this bloke and see what he says before I drill new holes in the roof. :)
  6. FaaaAAAAaark. Good luck Buckles.

    Call a regular mechanic first, they can take a look and might not charge a hunjy.
  7. i've broken many bolts and easy outs but my friendly engineer has these awesome reverse cut drill bits. a good tool shop will have this. go a few sizes smaller than the bolt shank. you just drill the bolt until the bit bites and the whole thing comes out. easy outs suck. they are weaker than tooth picks.
  8. ray skewes in greenaway st. think the roofrack place is in the same st
  9. That's the first place I went to as it's just round the corner. He didn't want the job. :( "Go try panel beaters, metal workers and engineers, and if none can help you bring it back and I try to do something" He didn't sound keen. :LOL:

    I've been everywhere he said to go and had no luck but this arvo I found myself making headway through it with a carbide cutting bit. It's slow going but getting there. The only issue is that I could only get on1 size so I'll need to hunt down a bigger one soon. :)

    At least it looks like I'll be able to return Johnny O's easyout to him...., although it will be nothing more than fine metal particles by the time I fisnish with it. :grin:
  10. Update: I've managed to drill through the fcuker with the carbide cutting bit. Now all I have to do is cut and grind at it from the inside out. Should have the job finished before I turn 50 afterall. :)
  11. Well done mate, there's few things more frustrating than a snapped easy-out. Just gotta keep banging your head against that wall until the wall falls down eh? :)
  12. Got the bastard! :dance:

    Now I just need the thread re-tapped and I'm ready to go surfing. :grin:
  13. what size taps do you need?

    i've got 12x1.25 (fine), 12x1.75, 10x1.5 and 8x1.25
  14. I have no idea. I had to grind out a lot from the top of the hole in order to get through the bottom. I've since drilled with the correct drill bit for tapping to the correct size (i know the drill fit the other side but i don't know how big it is) so the bottom is right but the top is too wide. I was thinking of going back to the auto engineers tomorrow and seeing if they suggest drilling for a bigger bolt or filling the hole with weld and re-drilling. Either way, from this point I think I'm going to pay someone else to re-tap it (so I can blame them if they fcuk it up). Doing it myself is how I got into a mess that no-one in the business wanted to help me fix. I won't make that mistake again, I think I'll let the professionals do their job and stay out of their way. :)
  15. Bah...., went to the pros today and was told that if I can get a broken easyout out of a bolt, then I can tap my own bloody threads. Looks like I'm hunting for taps tomorrow. :? No matter, i need to replace the other 3 roof rack bolts with higher quality items so I'll make a shopping spree of it. :)
  16. yep tapping is pretty easy
    and taps are expensive
    i have some you can borrow if the sizes suit