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VIC Eastlink - What has been your experience?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. MRA(Vic) has a meeting scheduled with Eastlink this coming Monday 4th August.

    Does anyone have any feedback? Specifically since tolls started.

    So far I have heard about 1 breakdown in one of the tunnels, and another rider who used it without a breeze tag and discovered how expensive it is to use on a "one off basis".

    Please - NO ANTI TOLL COMMENTS - I want to know if there is anything which they need to know from a riders point of view.

    Or - are you all avoiding using East Link?

  2. i just avoid it when on the bike
  3. I hate saying this....it's been a total boon and is saving me heaps of time in the car.

    As for the 'Breeze' tag comment, I am not sure how it could have been expensive as a 'one off' as the toll for bikes does not attract an image processing fee. Therefore, the rider does not pay more than 50% of the car (tagged) toll. Unless he doesn't have any form of account, in which case he will get an invoicing fee.

    And they've only been tolling since Sunday, so how come he's received a bill already?

    What I haven't found out is how to link my Breeze account to my bike.
  4. Yep Eastlink can go and get stuffed, not getting my money.

    Yeah noticed that too when browsing their website. Just another case of motorcyclists being overlooked.
  5. Just updated my details with the nice lady from Eastlink.

    They didn't have room in the 'Makes' field to add every possible bike and car model. If you scroll down, bikes are listed as a generic 'Motorcycle', the model is 'Motorcycle' along with type and category. Once she explained this to me, it was a 2 minute job to update the details.
  6. He used a couple of sections between High St Rd and Maroondah Hwy and back.

    He didn't have a Breeze tag. Ends up he has to pay the full price - ie $2.50 each way. He used it, then rang to pay for it - now wishes he had taken an alt route.

    Lesson here - get a breeze tag account. I'll mention it to Eastlink - as a need to sort it out in their communications.......
  7. You mean get a non-tag account (if you don't have a car of course!).

    When I registered my bike I got caught out by 'motorcycle' in the make select list, very confusing considering Suzuki make both!

    Not using Eastlink myself but thought I would register just in case I want to use it.

    As far as the person that got caught out with having no account, it is only their fault really, can't blame Eastlink....... they've spent as much on advertising as it cost to build the friggin road! :mad:
  8. So you registered - paid $40 I assume and you are never likely to use it?

    Or can you register and not pay?
  9. Maybe you could find out why there are no breakdown lanes in the tunnels John? Seems pretty bloody stupid to me.
  10. Exactly, but if I'm tired one day (such as after night shift) and don't feel like using blackburn rd/westall/etc then I can just keep on cruising home without stopping. Beats having to make a phone call then, I'd probably be too stuffed to remember.

    Not sure if you can register without payment, I think minimum payment is $25.
  11. Cost.

    Years and years agao, it cost $1,000,000 per km of roadway. Would hate to think what it would cost to throw in some lanes that are hardly used.
    And the fact that its a tunnel, I'm tipping the costs are going to be a shit load more.
  12. I've never fallen off without realising it. :? :LOL:

    Plates......., That I took off because it was bent and scratched. Apparently if they're damaged I can't use it, so I've done the right thing. :wink: :LOL:
  13. When I get on from Maroondah Hwy (inbound on the bypass), they have the two lanes merge into one on a bend. Because most people don't know how to merge, gets a bit hairy as they have not great signage (i.e. lane ends 350m) and they have those metal expansion strips right there as well....

    I know what I'm trying to say, but probably the only thing I've noticed apart from everyone almost coming to a complete stop before crawling under the gantries with the greed cameras (both types :wink: ).

  14. Oh yeah. I think you might be talking a billion (thats BILLION) dollars extra per tunnel.

    Much cheaper to have a breakdown truck on standby all the time.
  15. I stopped using it the day tolls started....and while tolls are in place I will never go back.

    Since then I've realised that it saved me no time at all over my usual route.

    In fact when I recount the numerous instances over the 3 week 'free' period of idiot cagers scattered all over the 3 or 4 lanes of the road more concerned with being 3kms ( or 23 ) under the limit and not in any way shape or form able to concentrate on whats going on around them, let alone have the heads up to change lanes without causing major grief to all around them, I'm probably 10 times safer on my usual route and to boot I save myself some money.

    Costlink......why bother
  16. So how did the meeting go?
  17. postponed for a week or so. JDK will get back.
  18. i Have ridden it in the free month

    i found it just another road

    on the way home towards ringwood
    each time i found it [​IMG] like gippsland

    now it is tolled i wont use it

    as far as i am concerned i Pay for it with the $54 Tax :twisted:
  19. In that case, I pay for it in income, payroll and other state taxes. Oooh, I know, let's rebel and vote the bastards out. What? You mean at the last election no one gave a rats arse?

    If you don't want to use it, don't. The more you don't, the quicker my trip to work is. Best 99c I get to spend.
  20. I used it while it was free, but found that the petrol consumed when going home avoiding tolls was exactly the same as going via Eastlink.

    Was actually hoping that it would use far less petrol, and hence paying for, seeing as it takes 10 mins off my trip.