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Eastlink tunnel is...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rabbit, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. a fantastic place to rev the bike... The echo is awesome :p

    Pity about the traffic jams getting into the tunnels (both ways)

  2. anywhere is a fantastic place to rev, rabbit :p :grin:
  3. i rode on eastlink earlier today, was a great ride. i went from ringwood to frankston and back again and there was a lot of bike on the road not to mention cars. everyone wanted a look at the new piece of road lol
  4. now are the two clowns, who were at the very start of the roads "open-ness" on Netrider? Saw you on the news! No wheelies though that would of been a laff.

    Entrance southbound to the tunnel is awesome. Shame about the traffic when i hit it about 3 ish.
  5. Yeah Rabbit, the sounds of reving bikes in thoes tunnels just bounces around great in there :D
  6. Done it twice now, once on the pushie, once on the VTR. There is some funky artwork along the way. The one I love most is the 'hotel'. Wow, VIC roads actually have a sense of humour, who woulda thunk it?
  7. went on eastlink today, will use it while free otherwise, no need....
    1st day and already traffic delays, and it was a sunday, just wait till the working week... on the way up there was already an accident, a red car....

    and watch out for the undercover cops, not just sitting in the middle, but also travelling along the tollway, 1 white mitsubishi 380 vrx tried to catch me out but i was awake and aware of him.... coming up in right lane, travelling at same speed as traffic around, and car moves to the right, giving plenty of space for me to pass on left in same lane, but i'm smarter than him... i saw the light on the parcel shelf, plus the 3 antennas hanging from the window and boot of car... so i just sit behind him and smile.. goosh 1 - cops 0

    oh and also, if you dont know, the camera's are rear facing,. and not in the normal spots on the edge of the bridges, more like underneath in the middle...
  8. When do they start the toll? I havnt been reading or heard anyone say anything about it :p
  9. www.eastlink.com.au
    Tolling starts on 26th July.

    (their website takes greenness to a new level)

  10. The so called art work is EastLink's doing not VicRoads so the earth can resume it's normal rotation.
  11. On a related note, there was no shortage of pollies at the opening to take credit.
  12. One of life's universals is that there is never any problems finding a gaggle of politicians to take credit for something. The amount of credit they take seems inversely proportional to the amount of effort they expended on the matter.

    This will hereafter be known as Netriders Law of Diminishing Politicians :)
  13. I was on it yesterday. A mass of scooters seemed to be having some kind of gathering. Then I saw it....

    This one scooter. With the rider dressed completely in pink. Head to toe and even the boots. The bright flourescent kind too.... with her rider on the back.....

    Funnily enuff - the passenger had a beard. So here was this girl, on a scooter with her bloke in tow on the back (I could already hear Helen Reddy screaming 'here me roar').

    Now my girlfriend is certainly a bit of a feminist, but even she said 'he may as well cut em off and hand em back in if he hasn't already'.

    'Twas a particularly funny moment I thought, but maybe you had to be there.
  14. Is it my imagination or have these dickheads who created Eastlink made the same mistake as was made with the Citilink tunnels?? NO BREAKDOWN LANES!!!

    So yet again, when there is an issue within or a potential problem somewhere further up the freeway are they going to close one lane for emergency vehicles only like the do on Citilink thereby causing a bottleneck and subsequent traffic jam??

  15. Yep.. I had a truck behind me in the tunnel and was looking for an escape should something go wrong...

    The best scenario I could find was splitting in between the lanes of moving traffic :(
  16. You don't ease congestion by building more sexy looking roads.

    You acheive that by promoting MC/scooter riders and you provide a pubic transport system actually works.

    Look at Punt road. Lets widen it so more traffic can sit on it.
    Same for the Tulla, same for the westgate same for the Eastern etc etc etc.

    All fwy's are fcuked, blocked solid at peak hour.

    How many cars are single occupant during peak hour the majority of them!!

    Soon the blanket greed limit will be 80km/h everywhere making it even worse.
    You can see evidence of that on the Westgate. Its chockers tioll you get to the 80km/h zone on the bridge, come over the bridge and the lanes are empty.

    Dickhead politicians!!!
    It's just stupid.
  17. I accidentally stumbled into east link last night... no true. I wanted to get off the freeway at springvale road, completely missed the signs and had to join the peak hour tourist fest.

    It's almost an exact replica of the sydney tunnels. Low roof, close walls... almost claustraphobic!

    I have a questions though, prolly for Joel, but why does a brand new road already have bitumen repairs???

    +1 Vic
  18. Eastlink will just be another "F" up like every other freeway/tollway in Melbourne it wil be ok for the next 2 weeks until school starts again.........
  19. That's why i figured too ... initially. But then with the price of fuel these days, can't have much $$ savings sitting/splitting in Springvale Rd traffic.

    Once the free period's over, on my daily commute to CBD, it's back to SpringvaleRd-Nunawading entry to the Eastern, but coming home I'll stick to Eastlink. (It's just over $1 for me up to Canterbury Rd exit).
  20. HEAR HEAR... and isn't it Bernoulli's principal that explains that if the roads narrow from 4 down to 2 lanes, then we would have to travel proportionately faster to fit the same volume through the smaller space?

    Let's make the narrow sections 200kmh zones and solve the traffic jams. I wonder if the pollie's would ever agree to it... hmmm!