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Eastlink -Rumor

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Ok, just trying to find out if anyone else has head about of sposed opening around anzac day weekend, same said rumor also stated there are 2 fixed speed camera and possible point to point, but was a bit vague on that

    Anyone heard anything similar to this?

    Cheers stewy :)

    blah..just found this :oops:

  2. I got from someone who is working on it, that it was supposed to have opened for Easter (the CEO was pushing hard to get it opened then), but didn't happen. Apparently the freeway itself is fully finished, but the work on the feeder roads, especially Springvale Road, is way behind and it may open without access to some of these on and off ramps. I can imagine THAT being popular!
    Dunno about cameras.
  3. I think it'll take a whole 3.5 seconds from time of opening, for a bike with no plate to go flying down the eastlink with no plate on :LOL:
  4. You're right! And the cops will invite a whole pack of media down for the ceremonial chase, capture and ritual slaughter of the individual involved! Catch it all on ACA that very night :)
  5. haha, that would be gold... they could do a nekkid run on a bike :p yay for media.
    May go on this once... just once... doesn't make a difference to my traffic unfortunately :( maybe weekending though
  6. I rode down to Ferntree Gully yesterday, and my damn Garmin Zumo GPS kept trying to route me onto Eastlink, by telling me to go straight ahead on the freeway at Springvale Road, and to turn onto Eastlink in Ringwood. It hs never done this before, so I assume an estimated road opening date was included in the Sensis map data. I didn't know they could do that, but maybe they can.

    So Garmin thinks it already is open. :shock: I reckon a bike could already make it all the way down Eastlink, but there might be a welcome committee somewhere along the way. :grin:
  7. not if your quick enough, there wont be :twisted:
  8. I'm not sure if this works within the actual GPS unit as I have an older eTrex Legend C that doesn't support custom POI, etc, but in nRoute and Mapsource you can program 'exclusion zones' in the Routing -> Advanced menu.

    Could tell it to explicitly avoid using Eastlink for routing, for the time being. I have mine setup to explictly avoid a few roads I know are choked bottlenecks at the best of times, and carparks the other 23 hours a day.
  9. Says in the Herald Sun today that they've stated it will not be open on the Anzac weekend.
  10. nah i think its already happened. everytime i ride past the on and off ramps near my house the gates are always open. and thats after 11pm. can only think of 2 things,
    A - people go on it in the middle of the night,
    B - the cops open the gates and then wait further up for those that do see the gates and enter...

    so anyone want to test it out
  11. It was supposed to open Dec 2008, so I doubt Sensis would be that cheeky.
  12. I heard the same thing on a daytrading website Hopcopper, I have shares in Connecteast.

    Rumour is southern section is complete from Monash Fwy to Frankston Freeway and this was the section they were going to open early on Anzac Day. Makes sense to open early for testing purposes and to guage volumes.

    Northern sections especially Ringwood Tunnels are still incomplete.
  13. HELL Yes!!! :demon:

    I work right beside the damn thing, I have an entrance to it right outside the door, and everyday it calls to me. :mad: