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EASTLINK off-ramp lights

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Dazzler, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Really getting pi55ed off with the traffic lights at the end of the off ramps at both Dandy Bypass and Greens Rd. The in-road vehicle detectors don't recognise me waiting to turn right.

    Wait for another vehicle to arrive also turning right.
    Get off bike and press a pedestrian button.
    Turn left and travel an extra 2 km to do a u-turn.
    Go through a red light.

    I've tried all the old remedies; kick stand, starter in neutral, etc, none work.

    Is it worth telling EASTLINK????

    Anyone else have this problem. Any suggestions?

    Daz :mad:
  2. Old Hard drives have neodymium magnets in them, rip em out of a few (look in hard garbage) and find a low spot on the bike to stick them.

    I'm trialling it at the moment, i have about 6 of them.

    They are strong enough to break skin when you pinch people with them (Sorry Prem) so they should help.
  3. I have the same problem at Thompson's Rd. Pain in the arse. I'm considering trying the magnet option. :roll:

    If you find out who to notify at Eastlink. Let us know.
  4. Those and all other traffic lights are controlled by Vicroads.
    Call them and report it on 13 11 70 (pretty sure thats it) The number is printed on the rear of your rego label.

    Be sure to quote the number on the control box when lodging your complaint.
  5. Sent an email to Eastlink, let's see how long it takes for a reply, or if at all.
  6. Thanks, I will find the control box number at Dandy Bypass, If you others can do the same and contact Vicroads as above, maybe something can be done, Thanks Vic.

  7. Waste of time as Vic said the Traffic Lights are a VicRoads problem.
  8. Does this intersection have the pressure pads that you can see. Should look like a box on the ground. If they have them I recommend putting the front tyre past the front of the box, with the rest of the bike inside the box. Works for me everytime. It is just more of a problem if you can't see the box in the asphalt
  9. They're not pressure pads, they detect metal passing over them.
  10. Yeah I know, but they look like pressure pads, (and my understanding is they detect electromagnetic waves)
  11. i used to use that intersection when it was free and never had a poblem triggering the lights :?
  12. With more and more light weight (aluminium) and composite materials being used in bike construction the sensor loops will have a harder job trying to detect a bike sitting in the sensor loops.
  13. Try putting the side stand down when you're stopped, that will oven be enough to trip the sensors.
  14. contact vicroads. tell em.
    then send em an email, say ur someone else.
    if a few people respond to the same section of lights, they might do something about it.

    personally im a big fan of getting off and pressing the pedestrian lights :grin: :p
  15. Which is illegal :)
  16. Yeah, but Nibor IS a pedestrian....:p Or a cyclist...
  17. Good one Eastlink, I got a reply.....


    thank you for your note on the EastLink road traffic signal detectors.

    There has been a software problem identified at the EastLink interchanges and also more broadly on other roads in Melbourne. This problem applies to motorcycles as well as other vehicle classes.

    VicRoads are responsible for the detectors and have identified a solution that has been implemented at Maroondah Highway and Wellington Road, with others to follow on a program.

    The aim is to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

    We share your view that this is an important matter that needs to be remedied. We are also working with VicRoads to generally speed up the wait times at EastLink interchanges and VicRoads is reviewing this.



    Be interested to see what, if anything comes of this.

  18. good that you got a reply..

    same thing happend to me at the corner of bridge road and punt road, turning right (north) from bridge sat there for ages till a car came up behind me :) lol I wasn't going to leave my bike to hit the button
  19. is this a face that cares for legalities? :)

    so basically the reply is they know the issue is there, they've trialling a solution at maroondah and wellington, but are yet to fix all the other locations.
    no time frame? lovely.