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VIC Eastlink - Fines challenged

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by thetramp64, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Todays HUN is running an interesting piece on "dozens of motorists" who are challenging fines issues by some suspect cameras on Eastlink. (Page 5).
    They don't give too much detail, but apparently a lot of people are going to court over this.

    Might be worth a read for anyone booked there lately.
  2. Sorry this went over my head "Todays HUN" What's HUN? Sun Herald? hmm gettin there...LOL

    Yeh I got done there as well, 108km alleged, and fined for 106...And I know for a fact I wasn't speeding cos I treat every part of Eastlink as a speed detection point....
  3. Someone I know got 24 speeding tickets in the space of a month, all at around the same speed (107-109) all by the same camera in the same location (Wellington Rd overpass on Eastlink), with no speeding tickets issued by any other speed camera anywhere on Eastlink (or elsewhere).

    The worst thing was that they got the first 12 tickets in the mail in a clump at once, and a few days later, got another 12, all in a clump. They managed to "arrange a deal" whereby they only had to pay/wear just one of the tickets in each clump.

    Of course, and despite the massive amount of evidence that seems to be building that the camera(s) are faulty, we'll still have Tim Pallas or whomever the current scamera goon is, getting up and throwing out the meaningless line "Well if you don't speed, you won't get caught!".
  4. I saw the news item on the tele the other night. The stand out feature is ALL of those people now have to find a way to prove that they are innocent.

    One bloke was interviewed and while being adamant that he had NOT been speeding, was told by the prosecutor it would be more prudent to plead 'guilty' and cop the fine than fight it, so he did.

    How is it that in our 'justice' system you are considered innocent until 'proven' guilty in all other areas except when it comes to speeding?
  5. I think your little avatar picture says it all, really.

  6. I've considered changing it to a pineapple shoved up a drivers backside, but i don't want to upset the admin... :LOL:
  7. Yep, it's obscene. How the hell can you prove that the speed camera's wrong? Of course, that this has occured in the past, and spectacularly so makes no difference.

    One guy was on cruise control all the way from Frankston til he tripped it off at the tunnels to slow to 80 kays. Only this one camera got him.

    Why would this be so?

    It's good though, to see all these people objecting and effectively clogging the court system. If only even more people would take this course of action instead of meekly succumbing to the BOHICA Effect.
  8. Not entirely correct. Speeding fines always come as an 'alleged offence'. The camera is their evidence to support the charge and you have the option to answer the charges in a court.

    The best defence is the integrity of the camera and maintenance regime. This is quite well known. More frequently now, and also useful is to use the data supplied by your satnav. While its not often as accurate, at least in the eyes of speeding camera's, supporting evidence such as times through tollgates (travelling time/distance=average speed) can also support your case.

    Basically, flaws in their evidence versus something to back your claim will often receive a positive outcome for the driver.
  9. I have a friend who got a similar amount... he knew he was speeding though, he was just too much of a dumbass to heed everyones warnings about the cameras under the bridges ](*,). He ended up paying about $2, 000 in fines, down from the initial $3, 000 :-({|=
  10. It's not so much the $$$$ it's the points, I haven't got many left now after two 108KM Eastlink infringements.

    What choice do we have when Pallis and Pol Com rant about how accurate they are and how frequently they are checked.

  11. THe only people who lie for a living more than cops and politicians are religious leaders, but fortunately they can't take our licenses or money.
  12. New world order time?

    Who's with me???
  13. just look at the road toll. 15 less than this time last year it MUST be all those extra speed cameras... not more cars coming with ESP and abs, continuing social change to speeding/drink driving/drugs and driving and so forth
  14. Or to mention the improvements to all the road like WRB's separating oncoming traffic from each other......

  15. + 1

    Same speed, same spot - 108km... It does make you start to wonder. That many people could not possibly all have been doing 108 in the same spot.
  16. My work collegues wife also got done twice at the Wellington Rd bridge, guess how fast. 108 for 106 fine. She said no way was she speeding, and he was told to pay the fine cos it wouldn't go far taking it to court.
  17. so you have at least a hundred or so fines within this small circle that everyone is sure is wrong. what can be done about it? why isnt the media all over this?

    Why doesnt someone set up an experiment there proving it is inaccurate? hire a gun with camera and get a record the speed, then wait for the fine to come in for 108...

    alternatively, start a facebook group, "i got fined by the wellington rd speed camera and I was not speeding"
  18. And another, 14/10, Southbound - Wellington flamin' Road Bridge

    Alleged 108 - Detected 110kmh
  19. The media was "all over it" as per the original article.
  20. Maybe the MRA should buy a speed gun and take the lead in fighting these unjust fines?