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VIC Eastlink Covering Plate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by B3NKobe, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I was driving in the cage today down Eastlink from Frankston & had a small group of bikers ride past me all with about 60% of their number plates concealed with their rego lables.

    Is this done to try avoid paying the toll on Eastlink? They all had about 2 of the last digits showing on their number plates.

    Surely the camera's will still get them even if it was only the last 2 digits of the plate?
  2. not if they are all the same type of bike with the same last two digits
  3. It's a risk. The penalty for deliberately obscuring a plate is a good deal worse than a basic speeding fine (or a toll). But you need a carbon-based life-form to enforce it.
  4. All bikes were different models and all had completely different number plates, some plates were fully covered, but most were half covered up.
  5. Its amazing what some will do to save $2 or $3 :roll:
  6. Also avoids speed cameras.
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    Yep. Works well ;)
  8. It's not the 2 or 3 dollars. It the 60-100 dollars per month, every month, that people save.

    I don't do cover my plate.

    What I do do though (in Syd) is ride around the road sensors on the bridge, and through the emergency lane on the M2 around the toll plaza. To and from work each day. Thats $12.80 a DAY on tools, every working day. On average, thats 22 days per month.

    That is 282 dollars per month. Put it into perspective, my loan repayments for my bike are only 210 per month. My insurance is 49 per month.

    The toll saving per month is more than the entire ownership costs of my bike!

    Even if you are only saving $60-70 dollars per month.... thats your foxtel plus sports channels paid for right there.
  9. I've seen a semi-marked silver Commodore VZ copper on Eastlink. He had highway patrol stickers on the side but was unmarked from the front and rear (apart from the usual plethora of aerials etc). I entered and exited with him, Ferntree Gully Rd then through the tunnel to Springvale Rd. I would have paid something like $1.50 for the toll (one-way) via my online account. Really not worth avoiding the toll on Eastlink, IMO.

    Having said that, I don't pay $12.80 per day like Jaymz. :wink:
  10. It's still classified as theft in a court of law in this country. Can also be seen as fraud as well.

    If you don't want to pay a toll you always have the choice of using other roads so don't start crying on here if/when you get done for it....
  11. It wouldn't be theft or fraud. Those are both criminal offenses.

    I'm sure there is a traffic offense that does cover it. If one day I get done for it I will cop it on the chin. It's been literally paying the cost of my bike for the past 6 months, so I'm won't get too upset about it. Although on the bridge, I never actually break any law. On the M2 I'm in the emergency lane, so I guess there is a penalty for that.

    Although for me, its my own personal protest.

    In Sydney, they built the M2, and Epping road was always a free (if slower) option.

    Then they built the lane cove tunnel, and as part of the contract, the government closed Epping road down to 1 lane to force traffic to the M2/lane cove tunnel. While doing this, they increased the toll on the M2 to almost 5 dollars. I doubt there is a single motorway in the country with a toll as high.

    They then canceled the North West metro link (there is no rail service for the north west at all), and increased the bridge toll from 3 to 4 dollars during peak hour.

    So as my form of protest, I now don't pay. And I actually get a good tingle that runs through me every time I don't.

    It's an unfortunate part of Sydney that the government gets private companies to build tollways/tunnels (nothing wrong with that)... but that as part of the agreement to build, the government has to actually close roads that would be a free alternative, to ensure the private operators see a profit.

    The M2 was built on the condition that there would be no competing rail service. The cross city tunnel came with mandatory road closures in the city to prevent traffic circumnavigating it. These were re-opened after much backlash, but the gov. had to pay a massive, multi million dollar penalty fee for breaking their contract. The lane cove tunnel was built on the condition that epping road reduced from 3 to 1 lane, and that M2 traffic flows directly into the tunnel.
  12. God I hate tolls... i'd much rather have higher taxes.

    The only reason to build roads is to reduce congestion. If they are closing roads to build roads, they are not solving congestion and might as well spend the money on hookers and beer.

    Its a pity because I used to love NSW.
  13. ISCn is correct. They must have a clear unobstructed image of your plate. Even if one character is covered up they cannot issue an infigment notice.
    However if you get caught with a disc in front of your plate you will be hit with 3 points and several hundred dollars worth of pain.
  14. Sorry but if you do anything to dodge either a road sensor or cover your rego plate to avoid paying a road usage toll you are breaking the law.
  15. Dude put your beige cardigan away FFS!
  16. :LOL: @ Dougz
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    Wow, so good of you to take it out of context.

  18. It might have been out of context of that particular part of that paragraph but the rest of the post was justifying dodging road sensors to dodge tolls so;

    6 of one, half a dozen ofthe other :p
  19. Good on ya Jaymz I say! You know the risks, you know the gains!
  20. Here's one about covering a plate of a different kind.

    UCK xxx was the number plate on a P plater's cage. They put the P at the start of it and the curved part of the P was behind the number plate. It gave me a laugh. Yeah, I know.... small things.... small minds and all that. :LOL: